How To Promote NFT For Free?

How to promote NFT for Free

NFTs are slowly building momentum in the crypto space, and lately, since the year 2020, the NFT artists have been earning quite a handful by marketing their products in the digital arena.

Promoting your NFT project does not have to cost a fortune if you extensively use social media platforms.

Twitter and Telegram are two of the most popular platforms currently in the limelight for the NFT creators and artists.

Twitter gets the word around in a short span of time, and it is the perfect platform for making it big in the digital space.

Telegram, on the other hand, is used to impart information and brochures with links so that the users do not have to run haywire for the complete information regarding a project.

Also, recently the collectors and investors have been conned by sketchy websites, so it is easier to trust the Telegram channels for the required information.

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How To Promote NFT For Free?

If you have newly started out as an NFT artist and are looking for free channels to support your collection and build your community, then we have just the right tips for you:

1. Create Your Own Twitter Account

The NFT communities over at Twitter are the craziest fan base you’ll ever encounter. It seems that all of the members are equally knowledgeable, if not more, and there is an endless supply of information available out there.

So create your own Twitter account dedicated to your NFT project and start getting in touch with some of the communities out there who might potentially support your interest.

2. Join Discord

Discord is yet another platform that is well suited for conducting virtual events and building a community where you can share the details of your launch, including the specific time and date.

The Discord server is also used to announce the various perks and collectibles that will be up for grabs in an NFT launch to make it exciting for investors or collectors.

Also, you can appoint moderators from the dedicated supporters of your project to run the Discord server and engage the audience.

3. Use Instagram For Marketing

Since we are all aware of the potential of Instagram, this does not require much explanation. You can use the reels, stories, and other features of Instagram to market your project for your next NFT launch.

Make sure to keep your content interactive and relatable so that it can attract the right audience. Make use of hashtags extensively to get on the Discover page or the trending reels section of Instagram. With this app, literally, the world is your oyster.

4. Create A Telegram Channel

When it comes to promoting NFTs, Telegram has received as much hype as Twitter or Discord, and rightfully so. The reason is that Telegram allows you to create public channels where you can allow an unlimited number of subscribers.

Moreover, Telegram offers a fair bit of opportunity for digital word-of-mouth marketing through its messaging feature, which resembles closely to WhatsApp.

So, here you have the best of both worlds where you can share relevant information related to your drop both publicly and personally. 

5. Ask Your Friends For Promotions Or Shout-Outs.

Well, if you have local influencer friends who would be ready to help you out, then your marketing department is completely sorted.

You might not have the kind of reach for growing your community from the initial get-go, but it is always helpful to receive a shout-out on social media from someone who has a considerable number of followers.

This increases your chances of being recognized, and who knows that you might soon build a small community of your own through word-of-mouth. 

6. Go For Crowd-Marketing On Reddit

Reddit is mainly used as an app or a platform to receive opinions from the general public and to take into account what are the thoughts of others on a certain topic.

Hence, this platform is perfect for a form of marketing where you can start a question thread and answer your own question using another account. 

This way, you can promote your project and get the opinion of others as to what they think of your collection. You can be completely anonymous with your replies and try to engage with the comments as often as possible.

This sort of marketing is known as crowd-marketing, which is extensively used on Reddit and other platforms as well.

7. Barter Shout-Out

If you have been around in the NFT space for quite a while and you know a few artists who are somewhat at the same level as you in terms of their community, then you can go for a barter shout-out.

It basically works the same as it sounds. You would shout out to a fellow artist, and in return of which, they would promote your art on their channels and social platforms.

This way, you do not have to spend money to hire influencers for a shout-out or create content for your platform.

These were some of the most common and definitely useful ways to get the word around about your project without spending a buck. If you are new to the space, we would suggest that building community is what you should prioritize for the time being.

As we have learned from the experience of the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” in the NFT space, they have been able to achieve the milestones only because of their followers and supporters.

NFT collections can reach heights if they are backed by a supportive and constantly engaging community. The more people are inspired by your passion, the more chances you have of succeeding.


There you have it. We have extensively discussed all the potential methods you could use to promote your NFT projects for free.

The background of the idea and the motive are two of the important selling points for your project so try to portray them as vividly as possible on social media platforms.

Use the other methods as well, and make sure to develop a clear marketing strategy for your NFT project.