9 Best NFT News Aggregators

Best NFT News Aggregators

Are you interested in earning more in less time? Almost all experts recommend investing in NFTs. The NFT market has been around for a while.

Since the last two to three years, the NFT trend has gained traction. If you are new to the world of NFTs and want to invest in them, then you may need some guidance. 

Users can gain valuable insight into all the NFT initiatives with this piece of information. Utilizing NFT Aggregator Instruments, it is possible to regulate all NFT merchants and maintain them according to the user’s preferences.

Users can better understand NFT initiatives by using NFT aggregator tools. The best way to utilize these instruments is to identify relevant NFTs and make users’ selections based on their results. They provide information regarding the pricing and scarcity of the NFTs you consider purchasing.

What Is NFT Aggregator?

NFT Aggregator is basically an online tool that keeps an eye on all NFT traders and keeps them up-to-date on the list according to your preferences.

Comparing similar NFTs with these tools will allow you to make an informed choice. These tools give you information about the price and rarity of the NFTs you consider purchasing.

What Is NFT News Aggregator?

NFT news aggregator is simply a tool for staying informed about news related to NFT. So you don’t have to log in separately on various NFT marketplaces.

The NFT news aggregator collects all the updated information about NFT from different markets and keeps you informed.

9 Best NFT News Aggregators

1. Crypto News

Crypto News

Crypto News is a service for cryptocurrency enthusiasts created by crypto enthusiasts. To achieve this, the company decided to develop the most beneficial digital platform for anyone interested in learning about and benefiting from the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto News offers a website, as well as an app. The application includes a news aggregator, a cryptocurrency market monitor, and a portfolio manager. The editorial office’s news stories and articles are aggregated on the website.

The objective of Crypto News is to assist society in better understanding and successfully applying cryptographic technologies. The freedom, authenticity, and decentralization of information are the core values of Crypto News.

Crypto News is a news aggregator that gathers news and articles from many sources in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and financial technology.

The number of available sources is constantly increasing: more than 300 websites to choose from. 

The project offers content in four different languages: English, German, Spanish, and Russian, to name a few. They intend to introduce new language versions to spread crypto worldwide. The Crypto News app displays cryptocurrency prices in real-time, based on data obtained from CoinMarketCap.

Users can keep track of price swings and compare the dynamics with the news context. Users may pin all of the cryptocurrencies users are interested in and follow only those, and keep track of the values on different exchanges using this feature. Additionally, Crypto News provides alerts to not miss any significant price fluctuations.


2. NFT Protocol

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NFT Protocol is a decentralized exchange infrastructure that enables a decentralized exchange platform to facilitate the trading of Non-Fungible Tokens.

NFT represents ownership of various assets, such as digital art, in-game assets, physical art, real estate, sneakers, and others. Non-Fungible Tokens can be used to represent and own digital and physical products.

The NFT Protocol’s robust and all-encompassing infrastructure is intended to meet the needs of the NFT asset class as a whole while also responding to the changing needs of the NFT community as the asset class develops.

To reap the benefits of the contributions of the NFT community, industry participants, and enthusiasts from throughout the whole NFT sector, this decentralized organization has established a working group.


3. NFTCalendar

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NFTCalendar is the first calendar in the NFT Universe. As the Non-Fungible Token sector continues to move forward in a fast-paced environment, they must keep the user informed about the most eye-catching drops, fascinating events, and high-profile launches that are taking place.

Here users will find the most recent releases from established and emerging artists releasing collections or single pieces on various marketplaces and platforms, all in one location.

The NFTCalendar’s mission is to support creators and contribute to their advancement in cryptographic art in general. Any developer can now put their drop or event in the NFTCalendar without incurring additional fees.

In addition, a knowledge base is provided on the NFTCalendar platform, which can greatly assist individuals who are just starting to start creating, selling, and marketing their Non-Fungible Tokens.

All of the people who have been a part of the non-fungible movement have put in a lot of time and effort, which they recognize and respect.

That is why they created a centralized spot in the digital collectibles universe where users can always find out about new NFT releases, news, and special events, all in one place.


4. NFT Now

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Nft now seeks to completely reimagine the way creators and their communities share in the wealth they generate through their work.

Due to the Web3 initiative, NFTs are believed to provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity for creatives to reclaim power by enabling a new economic model of wealth. Those efforts are being made today to create a better tomorrow.

Users will gain valuable insights about how to succeed in the fast-paced world of NFTs by reading the following editorial pillars:

  • Showcase Trailblazers

A new generation of entrepreneurs is changing the market daily through collaboration, technology, and creativity.

They seek to raise and amplify their accomplishments through narrative, content development, and dissemination, among other methods.

  • Empower Creators & Collectors

The NFT art space can be overwhelming and scary for both makers and collectors. NFT now’s purpose is to assist a user in distilling the market into actionable solutions that the user can use to achieve success.

  • Foster Community

The cornerstone of all they do is built on the concept of community. They want to create a varied and supportive community that will serve as a rising tide for all ships in the harbor.



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Founded in 2013, In the spirit of empowering tokenized communities, it is the world’s leading token community dedicated to providing tools and spaces for their growth.

The Web3 playground is a frontier for us, and they are pioneers in exploring and expanding on it. Forefront, equal parts curator, influencer, and creator, aspires to be the content and community hub for the burgeoning social token industry.

Forefront’s objective is to be the most trusted source of information and insight for the token community. Other insights require more in-depth research, communication, and distribution than others.

While Forefront’s foundations include data-driven tools such as the Forefront Market and token curation through the Forefront Profiles, some insights require deeper investigation, conversation, and distribution.

Through FF’s Writing Guild, they hope to serve as a hub for writing and research in the social token arena while advocating a transition away from centralized economies and organizations and community-driven, decentralized ones.

A key objective is to create powerful learning and content engine that will allow community members to learn about the social token space, incubate ideas and initiatives, and forge productive collaborations.

Forefront’s goal is to develop a vibrant community in which the curious and creative can: learn about tokenized communities and the internet-native economy, incubate ideas and projects, and form successful partnerships and collaborations.



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Remy and John are the co-hosts of NFT Morning on the radio station. A daily podcast broadcast lives on Clubhouse or Twitter space every morning;

NFT Morning is a daily podcast produced by NFT. Their purpose is to introduce newcomers to NFTs and cryptographic art.



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Non-Fungible is the perfect place for analyzing, tracking, and discovering NFTs and providing you with real-time digital asset tracking so you can navigate NFT markets with confidence.

The world’s largest database of blockchain games and crypto-collectibles markets is available here. Keep track of historical market sales data to determine the value of particular Non-Fungible Tokens.

Comparing similar assets and determining a fair price is important whether users buy or sell NFT assets. On the Ethereum blockchain, they keep track of all NFT marketplaces.



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NFT Insider was started in March 2021 by John Nichols out of a desire to share his drop notes with the rest of the world. Since then, it has evolved to become the premier media outlet for NFTs on the WAX blockchain.

NFT Insider’s mission is to provide users with everything user need to successfully navigate the WAX NFT landscape in a fun, safe, and informed manner – everything from the latest drops and in-depth interviews to community highlights, exclusive first-looks at the latest blockchain games, and much more.

If a user wants to know what’s going on on WAX, NFT Insider is where to go. They keep the user updated on everything through articles, videos, podcasts, and live streams.



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TokenSmart is a fast expanding community building a reputation for holding NFTs to higher standards.

The TokenSmart discord channel is where most of the action and expertise occur. TokenSmart has recently extended into events and event hosting in virtual worlds powered by blockchain technology.

The common thread running through these initiatives is a continual push to raise the bar for NFTs and the people who care about them.