15 Best NFT Telegram Groups 

Best NFT Telegram Groups

Investing in Non-fungible tokens has become a lucrative way to earn profits, and you are able to learn more about the fast-growing financial market around the world.

If you are looking forward to a list of Telegram groups for your NFT artwork, We have brought you 15 of the best NFT channels that are reliable and secure, and if your priority is safe promotion and marketing for your NFT, these groups might fulfil your priority. 

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The 15 Best NFT Telegram Groups 

Telegram groups have become a channel for every beginner or experienced investor to search for the prime piece of artwork for their business or other purposes. 

If we type NFT channels on the search bar, there are several groups that you will see in the list. However, we cannot determine which is the most reliable and informative group.

Below is a list of them that can help you to identify the NFT group channels on Telegram:

1. NFT Artist And Buyers 

With more than 20 thousand members, this group on Telegram is one of the best groups where NFT artist can promote their digital artworks with ease.

As an artist, you can share your work and talk about your latest NFT project, and there are prospective buyers (collectors, influencers, and creators) who may be interested in your NFT work. If you are interested in joining the group,

here’s the link https://t.me/nftbuyerseller

2. Metaverse NFT News

You must have heard of the Metaverse NFT newsgroup on Telegram. It is a group to which only the admin/host of the group can send information, therefore making it a valuable group if you want to get all the latest updates(news) regarding NFTs.

Metaverse NFT news has around 500 thousand members. You can guess the popularity and authenticity of the group by seeing a large number of people. 


3. NFT Market Place Updates 

The NFT marketplace has all the essential news for NFTs. You can miss out on the most significant news and updates related to NFTs if you are part of this group. 

It has more than 100 thousand members, and the admins can only send the information, and the members of the group can view it. The administrators often send the information with pictures and video clips, thereby enhancing the ability to perceive the most important news. 


4. Community NFT

The NFT community is a great place for beginners who have started their journey with NFTs. They have around 50 thousand members, and the group provides the fundamental knowledge on their other chat window. They have pinned it a the top of the page. 

You can join their telegram channel by visiting this link 


5. NFT News

The NFT news channel has around 60 thousand members who provide information about Metaverse and NFT. From the very name of the group, we can understand that they post news related to non-fungible tokens and Metaverse.

Some of the things they often highlight in the group are: Marketing for your NFT, Industry-based news, Drops in NFT, Marketplace news, etc. 


6. NFT Art And Artist 

NFT Art and Artist is a telegram community primarily focused on digital artworks. People can share about their NFT projects and artworks and even share their Instagram account links to showcase their works of art.

The group adheres to the rule that each member can only post once a day. NFT Art and Artist allows its members to have group discussions and talk about their NFT projects. They have more than 5 thousand members. If you are interested in joining their channel, here’s the link 


7. NFT Metaverse And Stock News 

One of the prime telegram channels on NFTs is Metaverse and Stock News, which has around 1,175,400 million members. They Share information on NFTs, Stock Exchange, Metaverse news, and other industry and market-related news. 

They have clearly stated that they do not provide investment advice for any of its members. So, if you are looking for investment advice for crypto or NFT, the group may not be the one for you, but it can be the best group if you are looking for the best and latest news. 

This telegram channel also focuses on the Indian Stock exchange market and provides the necessary information to Indian citizens who are new to NFT and the Stock market.

If you are a beginner and curious and excited to know about the group, you can join their channel by visiting their official link https://t.me/NFTs_Metaverse_Stock_News

8. Binance NFT 

In this telegram channel, you will be allowed to talk and discuss NFTs under the Binance ecosystem. It has more than a million members who are passionate about NFTs and Binance. 

The group consists of creators, people interested in learning binance, individuals enthusiastic about their digital artworks, and buyers who are anticipating purchasing the best and finest art. If you are interested in learning more about them, you can join their group  


9. 9D NFT Official Globe 

This group has around 57 thousand group members, mostly from other nations, including China. They have an official Twitter handle account, you can follow them on Twitter, and they have a separate news channel. They often promote Martial Art artworks and Metaverse NFT. 

If you want to know more about them, you can click on this given link https://t.me/Official_9DNFT or also visit their Martial Art and Metaverse NFT game https://9dnft.com/ to get a better idea. 

10. NFT Projects And Cry 

The telegram channel NFT Project and Cry does not deal with crying NFT projects. The channel has around six hundred thousand members and thrives with enthusiastic learners, artists, and buyers. 

It not only focuses on NFTs but also on Crypto news and trends. Making it one of the top-notch telegram channels for NFT. You can visit the channel by clicking on the username’s link https://tdirectory.me/gochannel/cryptocake100x.dhtml

11. Daily NFT / Crypto Signals 

Daily NFT and Crypto Signals have more than four hundred members. It mainly provides news on Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Crypto trends, Defi systems, and blockchain. You can not miss this channel if you want to have basic knowledge of all the mentioned fields. 

You can contact the admin of the group by clicking on https://t.me/jrosenban. If you directly want to join the group, you can do so from your Telegram application.

12. Colexion 

It is the channel for people who are looking forward to all three halts, where they can buy, trade their NFTs and even sell them to potential buyers and collectors. Their artworks are often based on sports, celebrities, and entertainment. 

Colexion is not for NFT and crypto freaks. It is open to the general public who love digital artworks. Colexion has its own website (you can type Colexion on your web browser). You can also visit their telegram channel 


13. NFT Art Master 

NFT Art Master channel is free to subscribe to, and you are open to promoting your artworks on this channel. NFT Art Master focuses on Anime artworks and many more interesting topics. 

You can visit their website https://nftartmaster.com/ to get a better understanding of the channel and the NFT artworks. 

14. NFT | Metaverse 

This channel has around 8 thousand members. It might seem like a small group after reading through the above list of groups. The smaller the group, the better the interaction. You can visit their channel by visiting the given link below https://telegram.me/NFT_metaverses

15. NFT Discussion 

Last but not least is the NFT Discussion telegram channel best suited for group discussions on solely NFTs. It has more than 7 thousand members who discuss the NFT trends and promotion techniques for their NFT artworks.

Here’s the link attached https://t.me/NFTdiscussion


By now, you must know there are thousands and thousands of people in a particular group on Telegram. A little bit of research and knowledge will enable you to pick the most suitable telegram channel for your NFTs. 

There is no doubt Telegram channels provide the most convenient way to promote your NFTs, and you get the chance to learn more about them. You can always come across some unique and new ideas about NFTs that you can, later on, implement in your artworks. 

Avoid spamming in any group, and if you find any group or its members posting malicious things or going against Telegram’s guidelines, you can report the channel.