Is Dramacool Safe & Legal to Watch Movies Online

Is Dramacool safe and legal ?

During a global pandemic, one is only permitted to stay in their home, which means that those wishing to watch the latest movies must subscribe to OTT platforms to see them when they become available. 

Consequently, theaters and cinema halls are becoming extinct. Because everyone is at home, they can spend more time watching and consuming content at home.

Among these online movie platforms, we will talk about one that can be utilized for free to access global content (mostly Korean movies) and if it is safe for users to utilize.

In case you’re wondering, we’re talking about Dramacool. Let’s talk about it and then whether it’s safe or not.

What is Dramacool Website Used For?

Dramacool is a site that offers Korean Dramas and Movies, with the quality of the content being quite high. Considering that the subtitles and sound quality of the content on the site have been synchronized and applied nicely, they have quite a positive rating.

As a bonus point, this site also offers free South Korean dramas and shows online with English subtitles, making it one of the best sites on the internet. 

In terms of user interfaces, it’s extremely important to have a good user interface when it comes to content-based sites, as some don’t provide UI that’s seamless, confusing, or has a broken search engine.

Though the design is quite simple and appealing, the site is quite easy to use. You can easily search for articles and videos on the Dramacool site, and there is a lot of content.

It is very user-friendly and simple to find the content you are looking for, and if you’re not familiar with the site, you won’t have to take the time to learn how it works. 

Once you know what Dramacool is, you might be wondering, “Is it safe? Is it harmful?” We will give a brief explanation of the same in this article.

Is Dramacool Safe?

We can look at this question from two perspectives. One would be Yes, and one would be No. Let us first acknowledge why we say -yes, then discuss why it isn’t safe.

At first glance, the content on the site appears to be mostly or completely pirated, considering they must cater to new content and offer it for free.

There may be a moment of stress for some people because of this, but please understand. You may be able to use these sites without any issues since the only question is the viewpoint of the owner of the site, who may be charged with piracy by the film or television studio.

Why do we disagree with the conclusion that Dramacool is safe when the answer is clear-cut Yes? That brings us to the more complex part of this topic. There is one problem with the site, despite it being safe to use: the presence of advertisements. 

Considering ads aren’t that bad, you may be wondering why you say so, but there is a whole dark side to them. The following reasons help explain why.

  • The advertisements they serve include malware-infected or malware-vending advertisements.
  • The service remains legal themselves by providing only an indicator, connecting you to the list of other sites that contain the content you wish to view.
  • Some of those websites sell or inject malware straight from them, without any intermediary to act as an advertiser, since this would mean that the site would directly obtain data.

Consequently, Dramacool itself could be safe, but advertisements and articles on the site may not be. After looking at this and reading this, you may be wondering if using the site is worthwhile.

This question can only be answered by understanding that the internet is a virtual representation of the real world, where good and evil exist in every corner. Be mindful of your actions and how to avoid them.

Many internet ads are scams, even if you know the basics of the internet and how it works.

Let us discuss some steps you can take to protect yourself from malicious apps so you can avoid them in the future.

How to Browse Dramacool Safely?

  1. Our first step is to avoid clicking on ads, since most of the advertisements you see on these websites are scams. 

For example, an advertisement might claim that you have won a lottery or are the winner of a grand prize.

As soon as you click on it, you will be taken to another site, where you will need to enter your bank ID password. The answer is NEVER, as this is a con man asking you to do so. He wants to steal your money. Stay clear of such ads.

  1. It is very common for ads to contain viruses and other malicious software used to steal your data instead of scams. Use an antivirus to make sure your computer is secure. Although this is a simple trick, it has the potential to do long-lasting damage.

It is advisable to purchase a paid antivirus plan if you frequently visit sites such as Dramacool and other sites which are piracy sites, given that the free ones are useless.

Purchasing an antivirus will enable you to detect and eradicate any viruses, preventing any data breach.

  1. Avoid such sites (It should be obvious)- If you want to access Korean content via a reputable site and have access to OTT platforms or own memberships to Korean content platforms, do not visit pirate sites. Piracy is illegal in some countries, and fines can be levied for doing that. So, tread lightly when using these sites and doing the same.

In summary, Dramacool is safe up to a point, but there are possible hidden threats that you should be aware of. If you are careful, you should have no problem avoiding said evils. We have provided some methods to protect yourself from them.

Is Dramacool Legal?

The Internet is flooded with such questions. People are concerned with the legitimacy of Dramacool. 

In search of entertainment, no one wants to fall victim to a scam. Movies or Korean dramas are a big attraction here, but what if they become trapped?

The domain of Dramacool changes frequently. Some countries restrict it because of copyright concerns. Various countries warn against using this site due to pirated content and the possibility of data loss. But on the other hand, Dramacool is legal in countries where watching subtitled movies and dramas is legal.

Best Legal Alternatives of Dramacool

Below are sites that provide content without requiring a proxy. Their design is minimalistic and well customized. Advertisements can also be found on these sites. It is a pleasure to watch these videos.

1. Rakuten Viki

The operating networks of American video streaming websites are in Singapore and Tokyo. Many South Korean series can be viewed on these sites. Its excellent content management sets it apart from other sites. You can get K-pop and Korean dramas on the website. English and other subtitles make it even more enjoyable. 

The shows can be viewed with subtitles. The alternative offers more than 100 different language options.

The shows are broadcast in a variety of languages. Among the most popular is The Flower of Evil and Love. Series can also happen to you while you are sleeping or if you have a suspicious partner.

You get a lot of events here, and that makes it more enjoyable. The best part is that content will be made available to you without causing any harm.

Additionally, it presents a very large amount of content to the user. Choosing the content of your choice is easy with the interface.

2. Yiu

Here you can find the original series. You can also get a premium quality version. All episodes can be watched in various languages here.

It is also the best place to watch Korean shows due to the subtitles available. You can find several web series on this site. You can stream videos from Hong Kong via this site.

Advertising and subscriptions are also available. It offers a wide variety of content in a variety of genres.

3. Netflix

A wide range of movies and documentaries can be found on the Cool drama streaming service. Internet-connected devices will be able to access the content.

These help you discover the many shows that you wish to watch. A Korean series is available on the platform’s over-the-top content.

The opportunity to gain access to Watch Asian content is available even if you have a paid subscription. 

There is a lot of entertainment to choose from. There are plenty of choices for you to choose from, both original and acquired versions.

In addition, you have access to documentaries, stand-up comedy, etc. Each of the shows is something you will enjoy. On top of that, you can watch your favorite shows and watch streaming videos. 

4. Asian Crush

One of the most accepted digital channels is the premier digital destination. Various Asian TV shows and films are available on this channel.

Web content and music are plentiful as well. A curated collection of feature films is available. It is possible to stream videos that are tailored to your needs. 

You will be able to watch the thrilling Korean drama. We provide Dramacool9 alternatives that are free of charge. You will save internet data with it. There are shows in the entertainment option that you will not find anywhere else.

5. Kocowa

Korean Drama and favorites are available on Kocowa, a great Dramacool alternative. You can watch Korean drama online on this site.

All Korean TV shows can be streamed and watched here. The website can be customized to meet your specific needs. With repeated visits, you can also establish preferences.

6. Ondemandkorea

Kdrama of the highest quality will be at your fingertips. Depending on the series you choose, you can also get the description of each one.

Streaming premium content is its best feature. A free and fast internet connection is available to you. The high-end objective is also provided by the access to the latest programming directly.

This includes Korean dramas and romantic comedies. Watch Asian alternative’s variety series have subtitles of high quality. 


As a conclusion to this topic, Dramacool can be considered safe, but there are hidden risks you may not be aware of. If you are careful, you should have no problem avoiding said evils. We have provided some methods to protect yourself from them. 

This article explains Dramacool’s safety, and we hope it has been helpful for you. Moreover, we hope you find this article informative and enjoyable.