How To Fix Tinder Messages Not Loading Or Showing Up

How To Fix Tinder Messages Not Loading Or Showing Up

Is Tinder messages not loading or showing up for you?

Tinder is a popular online dating app where an user can be matched with another user and they can start a conversation in a personal chat space.

Tinder works based on the location of an user thus it is very easy to pair up with people looking for dates in the same area.

Due to the easy features available to users of Tinder it has become a popular app for the young people of this generation to matchup with their perfect date.

In this guide we will discuss why Tinder messages not showing up or not loading.

Why Are Tinder Messages Not Loading Or Showing Up?

There could be multiple reasons such as connection issue, server issue or an issue occurring when you are using the old version of Tinder.

It could also be that your VPN might be causing trouble for you or the Cache files are not deleted and they are making your app have problems while running.

Below are the reasons given in details for you to get a better grasp at the situation:

  • The server of Tinder may not be working properly as Tinder is an online based app it needs its server to work properly to deliver the functions to its users.
  • You may be using an unstable or slow internet connection which might be causing the problem as Tinder needs a steady and fast internet connection for it to run smoothly.
  • Your Tinder app may not updated to its latest version as many a times the apps do not function properly if they are not updated to their latest model.
  • The VPN in your device might be on due to which RTinder might not be working as VPN causes Tinder to function properly in your device.
  • The Tinder app in your device might be having too many Cache files which is slowing down the app and stopping it from performing its functions.

How To Fix Tinder Messages Not Loading Or Showing Up?

To solve the issue of your Tinder messages not showing in your device you can check whether the servers are working properly for Tinder, as well as whether your VPN is turned off.

You can also see whether your Tinder app is updated to its latest version as well as check whether the internet connection that you are using is stable.

Below are the solutions given in details so that you can solve the issue of Tinder messages not loading easily.

Fix 1: Check Tinder Is Down Or Not

Tinder is an online platform which has its every system in online server that connects various users’ systems to the Tinder server to perform the functions.

When the Tinder server is down then the app will not be able to function proper.

You should check whether the server is down from Downdetector and wait a bit until the Tinder team fixes their server.

After the server starts working again you will be able to see your messages after you close and open your app.

Fix 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Due to slow or unstable internet connection the Tinder app in your device might be facing problems to load your messages.

If that is the case then you should check your internet connection and contact your local service provider.

When you are abler to get your internet connection stabilized then your app should load the messages in your account normally.

Fix 3: Your VPN Will Need To Be Turned Off

When you have your VPN open in the device your Tinder might be facing issues due to that as VPN causes the apps to malfunction as they do not let the app get the necessary information required for the system to run smoothly.

In this case, you just just turn your VPN off in your device and then restart the Tinder app and it should run properly.

Fix 4: Clear The Cache Files In Your Device

Your Tinder app might also breathing problems because you have not been able to clear the Cache files that the app had stored in your device.

When an app has collected junk files in their Cache it causes the app to have problem while functioning as it should.

To clear your Cache you should go to “Settings”> next select “App/Application”> then to go “Tinder”> and then “Clear Cache”.

After you are done clearing your Cache you should close the app and then restart Tinder and now tour messages should be loading properly.

Fix 5: Reinstall The Tinder App After Uninstalling It

As an alternative you can also try to uninstall the app and then reinstall it if the above mentioned solutions are not working.

When you have done it the corrupted files in the app would be erased which will let the app run smoothly in your device and resolve your problems. 

Fix 6: Restart Your Device

You can restart your device so that the issue gets resolved with your Tinder account.

Sometimes over the use of an app in your device your app can have some bugs or glitches in its storage space.

This males the application unable to run properly which makes it hard for the system to give user the normal services.

When you restart the device after turning it off these solves the issue by removing those.

Fix 7: Update Your Tinder App To Latest Version

Oftentimes when the app is not updated to the latest version the app will be having problems running its systems in the device.

The app will also be having problem to load messages or other functions when it is not updated and thus you should check whether the app is updated to its latest version by going to the Play Store or Apple store.

If you see that the app is not updated then you should update it as soon as possible and the messages should not have any issue loading anymore. 

Fix 8: Contact The Tinder Support Team

If noting is working and you are still having issue regarding your messages where they are not showing up or it is showing the loading screen the you should reach out to the Tinder support team after trying all the methods mentioned above.

To do that you will need to go to Tinder’s support system and report the issue to their support team.

They will check your issue and get back to soon to help you out with it.