What Is Com.samsung.android.forest

Nowadays there has been much focus given on applications which motivate their users to stay productive throughout their day.

In such an app you can build or grow something by doing your job properly and keeping your motivation throughout the task.

It gives the users pleasure when they can successfully complete their daily routine easily and reach their goal in the app.

What Is Com.samsung.android.forest?

Com.samsung.android.forest is the file of an app called Forest, where the user is able to grow a tree when they keep focusing on their job.

However if the user lose focus and leave the app then it will cause the tree to wither and die and you will not be able to create a forest out of it.

But if you keep focus and do your job then the sapling will grow to become a plant and then finally a tree. 

What Is Forest App Used For?

The Forest app is used by people to keep focus while doing their job so that theuy do not lose their productivity.

With the unique feature of how you can grow a tree if you do not lose focus or leave the app to do something else, Forest keeps tracks of the user’s behaviour and how much they are focusing in their jobs which increases the productivity of the users when they do not get distracted by other things, such as social media in their device.

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Can You Delete Com.samsung.android.forest Folder?

Yes, it is possible to successfully delete the Com.samsung.android.forest folder from your device.

To do that follow the steps below and you will be able to delete the folder.

Step 1: First you will need to download File Manager as Samsung’s default file application does not give access to much data.

After you have installed File Manager you will need to open it to proceed further.

Step 2: Next, you will need to open the main storage inside the file and then move to the android folder inside of it.

Step 3: After this you will have to select the folder of “com.samsung.android.forest” from the other files that are kept there and you can just tap and press on the folder to edit or delete it.

After you have deleted the folder your data of the previous progresses will get deleted but you can still access the app in your device and use it.

Deleting the app will not affect your use of the application in your device as the Forest app will simply make a new folder to replace the deleted folder in the device.

Can You Move Com.samsung.android.forest Folder To Another Location?

You can move “com.samsung.android.forest” file to another location in your device.

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To do that just follow the steps above mentioned and you will be able to move it to your preferred location.

However, after you do that the app will automatically create another file in the same location with the same name  though it will not have any previous data in it as it will be a completely new file.

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