Tinder Messages Disappeared? Reasons & Troubleshooting

Tinder Messages Disappeared Reasons Troubleshooting

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps that lets its users have uneasy match with the people of their choice.

Tinder has various features which allows its users to filter their options and choose the best person that they want to be matched with which has made the app a very popular choice among the younger generation who likes to date from online apps.

Due to the popularity of Tinder it has become a go to app for  people who want to start dating as they can find their perfect date through the Tinder app.

Why Your Tinder Messages Disappeared?

There might be a few reasons why the messages in your tinder chats have disappears, such as you have unknowingly unmatched the person that you were chatting with or the person had unmatched you.

As an alternative reason it might also be taking time to load because of unstable internet issues.

Below are the reasons given in details for your better understanding of them.

  • You have somehow unintentionally unmatched the person that you were chatting with thus Tinder had deleted all your chat history with the person and you are unable to see any texts.
  • The person that you had matched with had unmatched you and you are not able to see the conversation anymore, in such case you can try to check the internet connection and see the entire conversation when the internet becomes stable again.
  • Your internet is slow and unstable due to which the messages are taking a long time to load in your Tinder account and you are not able to see them.
  • There are chances that there is bug/ glitch in Tinder. So, in this case you wait for sometime till Tinder servers are back or bug is resolved.

Will You Be Able To Tell When You Have Been Unmatched?

Tinder does not send notification to its users when they have been unmatched by the other user.

However when your chat history disappears and you can not see it anymore in your account then it means that the person you were chatting with have unmatched you from their profile.

When you will unmatch a person they will not get any notification either but the chat history will disappear from account. 

Is There A Way To Save The Chats In Tinder?

There is currently no way that you can save chats in Tinder as Tinder does not allow anyone to save their chats from their profile.

However you can screenshot your texts to save them in your device and this way you can save the chats even when your profile gets unmatched by the other person or when you feel that you want to unmatch your profile from someone.

You will still have the chats as screenshots in your device when the time comes.