How To Fix OkCupid Notification But No Message

The only online dating app that matches you based on your values is OkCupid.

The dating app OkCupid assists you in finding a mate based on your true self and your passions.

Through video chats, calls, and other means before you meet, OkCupid can help you get in touch with and speak with folks nearby.

OkCupid send notification to users when they get messages after matching or are in mid of chatting.

But when users tap on notification and go inside they see there is no message.

Many users having this kind of problem.

In this guide, we will discuss why OkCupid says you have message through notifications but you don’t and how to fix it.

Why Does OkCupid Says You Have Message But You Don’t?

if OkCupid says you have message through notification but when you tap on notification you don’t have any message is because of various reasons such as:

Reason 1: You have weak internet connection or Sometime it takes time to sync on your device.

Reason 2: The person who sent you message has deleted their account before you able to read that message.

Reason 3: The person who sent you message has un-matched you before you able to read that message.

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Reason 4: The sender who sent message might be blocked you.

Reason 5: There might be bug/ glitch in OkCupid app.

Reason 6: The sender account is deleted by OkCupid due to breaking Terms of use and/ or community guidelines.

Reason 7: You might be accidentally deleted the message; if you deleted the message then you can’t get recover it.

How To Fix OkCupid Notification But No Message?

To Fix OkCupid Notification But No Message, Make sure you have stable internet connection and wait few minutes to sync process completed.

Because sometime it takes time to sync messages with your devices.

If the other user has deleted their account or un matched you then you can’t do anything.

Peoples unmatched on OkCupid due to various reasons

  • They accidentally matched with you
  • They accidentally sent you a message
  • Now, They changed their mind and don’t want to chat with you

Peoples deleted their OkCupid account because

  • They are not finding good matches
  • They paid for subscription but not able to find some good one and in frustration thay delete their account

If Above is not the reason then there is bug’ glitch in OkCupid app.

In this scenario, you can’t do anything just wait till the issue is resolved or OkCupid server is up.

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Also, Always keep Updated OkCupid app to latest version because updating to latest version resolves all previous bugs which were known to support team.

You can always connect with with OkCupid support team inside the app or here:

You can tweet your queries by tagging OkCupid handle on Twitter:

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