Where To Farm Sap In Ark Fjordur?

Ark Fjordur

If you are an avid player of the game you are certainly aware of the different survival strategies available in the game if you are playing on the Fjordur map. The Sap is a variety of plants essential for your survival in the ARK: Survival Evolved game.

The Fjordur map has been released in the June 2022 and the players have portrayed the wildest response to the map.

With unique environmental features, new creatures, and access to three different realms through different portals, this map is being widely received by the dedicated players of ARK.

The Sap is sort of an ingredient that is vital for most recipes in the game and this resource can be planted and harvested from a specific location on the Fjordur map pretty easily.

In the previous maps if you wanted to obtain the Sap content you could easily tap on the redwood tree and collect its sap.

But, in this specific map, there are other ways to obtain the resource which are far more reliable and efficient.

What Is Sap In ARK Fjordur?

Sap is an ingredient used in recipes such as Superior Kibbles and Sweet Veggie Cakes. Other than that this ingredient is also vital to other recipes as well which is why we have more than one method of obtaining the resource in the Fjordur map.

In this particular map, you can expect to find the resource by harvesting the pine trees by reaching certain specific coordinates.

Keep in mind that it is certainly not necessary that you would find sap from these trees but you can definitely give it a shot.

On the other hand, you can also find cactus sap in the frozen terrains of the Fjordur map. This form of sap can be utilized to satisfy your hunger with extreme consequences.

You can also use this sap to make some cactus broth. Note that the sap obtained from the cactus plant in Fjordur can also quench your thirst, useful for shooting up your thirst meter. 

Keep reading forward to learn the coordinates for the pine trees and how you can obtain sap from cactus plants in Fjordur.

Where To Farm Sap In Ark Fjordur?

Firstly you have to head over to the specific coordinates: 45.4, 48.5. After reaching this area you will be able to spot an array of pine trees that are up for harvest. Make sure to go for the ones with dead branches at the lower half of the tree. 

Whip out your harvesting tools and go ahead, for an efficient harvest you can use a chainsaw. As we have discussed earlier these trees may or may not drop saps in general so harvest the majority of the plot.

Once you find the specific trees with sap resources you will certainly find an ample amount for your convenience and utility.

As for the cactus sap coordinates, you can find the best sap in the following coordinates:

  • 81.0 Lon
  • 75.5 LAT
  • 85.9 LAT
  • 75.8 LON

These are the major coordinates of an island where you can spot ample amounts of cactus growth to collect your sap. You can either prick the cactus plant or use your sickle as per your convenience to collect the sap.

In order to reach the cactus growth, you will have to defeat a few creatures along the way which will hardly require a few seconds after which you can proceed to your task.

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The sap is basically one of the few important resources which can help you along the way at times of explicit hunger or water crisis.

Collecting this resource is also vital for several recipes in the game as well.

You can easily follow the coordinates mentioned in the above section of this article and find the sap resources up for harvest nearest to your location. There are two different options available for you to do so.

You can either opt for the pine tree sap or the cactus sap as you please, the process to obtain the sap from these locations is pretty much the same.

For the pine trees, it is best to use a chainsaw if you already have one and, as for the cactus you can use a sickle or simply prick the plant for the sap.