Ark Fjordur Space Biome Guide

Ark Fjordur

The space Biome in the Ark Fjordur game is almost hidden and that poses an interesting opportunity for the players to explore the interactive features of the biome.

All the biomes present in this game have their own unique feature but the fact that the Space Biome is completely hidden makes it all the more interesting to explore.

Keep reading this blog to find out about the different aspects of Space Biome in the Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Space Biome Guide

Starting off with the coordinates of the Space Biome you can find the space at exactly LON 97.1 LAT 86.1.

The entrance to Space biome lies at the right corner of the map and you will have to jump into the sea to spot the underground passage to this biome.

Dive deeper to spot a passage that will lead you to the other zone, you will be able to spot a portal sort of space that will transfer you directly to the space cave.

Explore this impressive area while you are floating through the cave until you reach the bottom of it where you will find a massive space room.

This biome is also unique like every other biome in this game but the things that stand out the most about this area are the play with light colors and the space-like feel as you navigate through the depths of the space cave which quite literally gives the players an outer space experience.

In the Space Biome, you can find light pets and luminous trees scattered all across the area which makes it a hard-to-miss spot for the players.

As you explore the area you will find that there are three spaces in total which you can enter by passing through a glass-like wall entrance.  

The activities to be performed in the Space Biome are pretty much similar to what you would do anyway in all the other biomes so definitely check this place packed with endless resources.

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The coordinates for the Space Biome are- LON 97.1 LAT 86.1  and this pace is hidden deep under the sea which requires the players to dive into the ocean and find the secret passage that leads to the portal or to say the main entrance of the Space Biome.

Like all the other Biomes this one is also filled with exciting creatures and topography which will certainly not disappoint.

You can pass through the glass-like portal between three different spaces in this biome and perform all the activities that you normally would in all the other biomes.