Ark Fjordur Bosses: World Boss, Broodmother Boss

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur bosses are mighty creatures such as powerful dinosaurs and gigantic creatures. As the name suggests the ark Fjordur Bosses are the creatures that rule the specific world or realm.

In nature, these creatures are highly violent and dangerous whenever you try to enter their realm or challenge them for combat.

 It is not easy to defeat the Ark Fjordur bosses. However, some tricks and strategies can help you to win over the bosses.

Before figuring out how to defeat the bosses, you will have to know about each one of them in detail and find out what you can do or arrange in order to defeat them for good.

Make sure you gain all the information about the ark boss before entering their respective realm to ensure that you have just the right weapons and tames to defeat the ark bosses.

We have explained the features and tames you must carry for each ark boss in detail below. 

Ark Fjordur Bosses

The most powerful ark Fjordur bosses faced by the players in different realms and regions are listed below:


With extreme fireballs and dangerous soars, the dragon can overpower any player. Dragon creature Comes with the ability to soar Add search heights where a player cannot even reach and thus can be harmed very massively.

Although the dragon mostly stays above the ground, Whenever the dragon lands, it will either breathe fire or directly bite the opponent to defeat them. 

Once you are bitten by the dragon, you will instantly be killed and will not be able to revive or join the game again with the help of any healing potions.

The only way to defeat this monster is to ensure that you have a good number of co-players and rexes at your side. 

Also, make sure you have the most powerful guns by your side if you want to defeat this monster without getting hurt or killed by its bite. Following are the tames that Can help you to win over this monster easily:

  • Mamgmasaur
  • Yutyrannus
  • Therizinosaurus
  • Megaloceros
  • Rex


Megapithecus boss is A lot different and more realistic than the other bosses. This boss is a creature who lives in a temple built on the top of snow-covered mountains, and red can be easily summoned. 

This giant ape comes with minor mini companions called the Mesopithecus, Which are nothing but small monkeys, and a group of Gigatopithecus, Who are the large or gigantic apes.

You can use your tamed dinosaurs to defeat the boss. You must consider that you have to save yourself and the dinosaurs from falling into a huge hole during combat. 

You must take appropriate precautions for hypothermia as well. The teams you must not forget to tag along with while facing the Megapithecus are:

  • Rex
  • Deinonychus
  • Wooly Rhino
  • Kentrosaurus
  • Allosaurus

Skoll And Hati

Yes, Skoll and Hati dual boss is one of the most difficult bosses to defeat. Both the bosses come as a pair whenever you spawn any.

You will have to face these bosses in Asgard to win over this region. Each boss comes with its unique ability to make your game easier.

The skoll boss of this duo comes with the capability of bursting into flames and helping you.

At the same time, Hati is a useful asset to make more Fenrir wolves. Hati is capable of spawning Fenrir wolves which will help you to increase your army.

However, a common ability of these bosses is no matter which boss you ride. You will be able to jump higher and longer distances than usual.

You will get Skoll and Hati at 20.5,37.1 in the Asgard region.


Steinbjorn, also known as the Jotunheim Steinbjorn is a different creature than the usual ones. This boss is in the form of a gigantic rock bear covered in snow and is frozen.

However, spawning and defeating this boss is not very difficult if you play your cards right.

Make sure you get all your appropriate weapons before spawning them and attempting to defeat them.

Also, you need only 30 runestones to spawn this boss and have combat with them.

Ensure that you have at least 30 runestones in your inventory before trying to spawn it. Once you spawn them and get your hands on this strange yet exciting boss, you can easily use it to commute from one place to other by riding it.

Also, the special tactics of this boss include exclusive attacking techniques such as whirlwind with different spikes and rocks. You can get your hands on this boss at 77.7,30.8.


One of the major mini-bosses in the Beyla boss. You can easily spot his gigantic boss inside the main world area. Beyla is basically in the form of a giant bee.

Although it might look pleasing at the beginning, you will get scared of her in no time. Even when you manage to force tame it, this creature does not allow you to ride her or fly on its back.

Make sure you stay safe. The poisonous attacks of Beyla boss as every attack made by her have the ability to poison you very quickly.

You can seek help from creatures like Megatheriums to defeat this boss easily without getting poisoned. This boss is spotted at 4.6,47.2 on the new and updated map of ark Fjordur.

Broodmother Lysrix

Spawning or facing this boss is not that easy. You will need particular relics to even face this boss.

To get your hands on the relics that you require to spawn this boss, you will have to defeat the other bosses, i.e., Skoll and Hati, Beyla, and Steinbjorn.

Once you defeat all these bosses, you will finally get a chance to fight and defeat broodmother Lysrix boss.

After summoning this boss, you might be intimidated by this boss, but don’t underestimate this poisonous boss.

Once this boss is in your favor, it can provide you the ability to ride this boss and throw poisonous webs.

You can also throw poison balls at your enemies and defeat them instantly. You can get this mini-boss at 57.3,65.6 and use Megatherium to defeat it.


Fenrisulfr is not a mini-boss but the final boss of ark Fjordur. Since this is a final boss, it comes with an alpha difficulty level making it difficult to defeat this boss even more. Physically this boss resembles a vicious and gigantic wolf.

Although you might find various similarities between the attacks of this boss and all the others, the attacks of this boss are vicious.

This boss comes with the ability to throw laser beams out of the mouth, just like skoll and hati boss.

However, many other abilities of this boss resemble Steinbjorn. You can find this final boss after defeating all the mini-bosses and spawning it. 

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Ark Fjordur World Boss

Ark Fjordur world boss recently added to the game, is called Beyla, who is a mega bee. This world mini-boss was not available in the original model and thus has replaced Itsy and bitsy. They were earlier the small brood mothers. 

However, to summon and defeat the Ark Fjordur world boss, i.e., Beyla, you need a minimum survivor level of level 50. Once you defeat this world boss, as a reward, you will receive ascendant gears. 

To locate this world boss, you will have to head North on the map. Towards North, you need to go to the coordinates “ Latitude 4.0- Longitude 47.5”. 

Once you reach this coordinate, you can locate a cave entrance where you can summon Beyla. However, summoning Beyla will require a minimum of 30 runes. If you are short on runes, you can kill the alpha creatures and get the runes. 

Before jumping straight to defeat the Beyla world boss, you will have to kill the small bees. Beyla will release your way. After defeating all the small bees, you can attack the boss directly. 

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Ark Fjordur Broodmother Boss

Ark Fjordur Broodmother Boss is a spider-like creature that can cause serious damage to the player. For the players who are new or play recklessly in combat, the Ark Fjordur Broodmother Boss is a nightmare. 

However, if you know how to play properly and with just the right weapons, it can be easily defeated. Since this boss is a spider, the major threat to the users is that they might fall prey to any of the webs that Ark Fjordur Broodmother Boss will throw at you. 

Make sure you ride a powerful dinosaur such as Rex or Yutyrannus to save yourself from the webs of Ark Fjordur Broodmother Boss. 

Following teams are highly recommended when you go to fight brood mother in the ark:

  • Rex: One of the basic dinosaur creatures you will need to save yourself from the webs
  • Spinosaurus: You can add this creature on your strike end to ensure that you can attack the boss even with water on the ground
  • Shadowmanes: Since they are easily available and smaller in size, they can help you more.
  • Megatherium: One of the best choices against insects and spiders is Megatherium; hence ensure you have them by your side

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The bosses in Ark Fjordur rule a region or realm. These creatures are hard to be defeated if the player is unaware of the capabilities and characteristics of each boss. 

However, once you gain knowledge about the exact weapons and tricks to deal with the bosses, you can defeat them easily.

Therefore, before summoning any boss for a battle, make sure you know every tactic and you are ready for your defense and attack techniques to deal with them.