Ark Fjordur Admin Commands: Spawn, Mjolnir, Runestone, Desmodus

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur survival admin commands allow you to enter a series of codes to access various creatures throughout the game without actually summoning them.

You can easily spawn various creators in different regions with the help of admin commands. Also, these commands are highly useful for teleporting an artifact from one region to another.

You can also use these commands to teleport yourself from the 3 portals without going to the portal room or using the terminal.

 There are various categories of admin commands in ark Fjordur. However, for every command, you need a fundamental requirement and that is opening a console on your device.

Ark Fjordur Allows you to enter commands in the console even in the default settings. the console is used to input the admin commands and use them for spawning, teleporting, and collecting runestones.

To open the console for inserting a command you will have to press X+Y+R1+L1 on your Xbox. If you are using a PlayStation to play ark Fjordur press Triangle+ R1+X+L1 to open the console.

Once the console is opened on your screen, simply type your command and access your creatures.

Ark Fjordur Admin Commands

Some of the common admin commands used to teleport your character from one region to another include:

  • Cheat TP AS
  • Cheat TP JO
  • Cheat TP VAL
  • Cheat TP RED
  • Cheat TP GREEN
  • Cheat TP BLUE

There are various other commands with unique functions which are explained ahead in this article.

You can use different commands for different purposes and ensure that you can fight and defeat the alpha boss easily.

Ark Fjordur Mjolnir Command

To access Mjolnir you need to type Gfi Mjolnir 100 on your console. Make sure you insert the command carefully and accurately.

Once you type the command on the admin box, you will receive this skin instantly. Otherwise, you will have to defeat the three mini-bosses and then the alpha fernir to get your hands on this skin.

You can get this thor- alike skin immediately by typing the command on the admin box as a cheat code.

Ark Fjordur Spawn Commands

There are different categories of spawn commands available for Ark Fjordur. Following are the Ark Fjordur Spawn commands you can use:

Ark Fjordur boss trophies spawn commands are as follows:

  • Cheat gfi fenrirboss 1 0 0
  • Cheat gfi fenrirboss_gamma 1 0 0
  • Cheat gfi fenrirboss_alpha1 0 0
  • Cheat gfi fenrirboss_beta 1 0 0

Cheat gfi Fjordur 1 0 0 (flag)

You can use these commands to spawn the boss trophies easily while playing ark Fjordur.

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Ark Fjordur Artifact Spawn

You can easily use the given commands to get your hands on various artifacts instead of summoning and fighting with the bosses for them.

All you have to do is to insert these commands on the admin box and collect the artifacts directly into your inventory:

  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_12 1 1 0
  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_09 1 1 0
  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_01 1 1 0
  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_02 1 1 0
  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_03 1 1 0
  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_05 1 1 0
  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_07 1 1 0
  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_08 1 1 0
  • Cheat gif PrimalltemArtifact_11 1 1 0

Ark Fjordur Command For Item Spawn

Using the following commands you can access and possess various items directly instead of finding every object throughout the map.

The commands that will help you in gathering various objects in Ark Fjordur without finding them through the danger are:

  • Cheat gfi Runestone 1 0 0
  • Cheat gfi Andrewsarchussaddle 1 0 0
  • Cheat gfi Mjolnir 1 0 0
  • Cheat gfi desmodusaddle 1 0 0
  • Cheat gfi sanginueelixer 1 0 0
  • Cheat gfi egg_FjordFjordhawk 1 0 0

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Ark Fjordur Commands For Creature Spawn

You can use the set of commands to summon or access any particular character inside the game without taming them. The commands for creature spawn are:

  • Cheat summon Desmodus_Character_BP_C
  • Cheat summon Andrewsarchus_Character_BP_C
  • Cheat summon Fenrir_Character_BP_C
  • Cheat summon Fjordhawk_Character_BP_C
  • Cheat summon Fenrir_character_BP_MiniBoss_Hati_C
  • Cheat summon Fenrir_character_BP_MiniBoss_Skoll_C
  • Cheat summon Fenrir_character_BP_C
  • Cheat sdf fenrir_character_bp_boss_hard11
  • Cheat sdf fenrir_character_bp_boss_medium11
  • Cheat sdf fenrir_character_bp_boss_Easy11

Ark Fjordur Runestone Command

The command for runestone in Ark Fjordur is “cheat gfi runestone 1 0 0”. Another recently added command to get access to runestones on ark Fjordur is “Gfi Runes 100 0 0”.

Upon inserting any of these commands you will get several runestones added to your inventory right away.

You can use this command to fill your pockets with sufficient runestones instead of finding them the regular way.

This command will provide you access to enough runestones without roaming around different areas on the map.

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Ark Fjordur Desmodus Spawn Command

You can easily use the Desmodus spawn command to call this creature and access them without taming. The command used to spawn Desmodus is “ Summon Desmodus_character_BP_C”.

Once you enter this command on the admin box, you will get your hands on Desmodus and you can use this creature as per your will.

The Desmodus is very difficult to tame and hence finding it from a command will help you get it easily and conveniently.


You can spawn different creatures, access runestones, summon the bosses, and much more using specific codes.

These codes or commands will help you to make the game easier and much more interesting. All you need to do is simply Insert the command on your admin console and summon your characters freely.

These commands can save your time and provide you convenience while playing ark Fjordur.