Ark Fjordur Element Shards, Ore & Ambergris 

Ark Fjordur

Fjordur has made an impact on the gaming industry since its release. The success has made the developers release new maps.

The latest map is quite intriguing for the players as they will be introduced to new elements. Whenever a new update like a map is released the players are dawned with several questions as they face the new changes 

Where To Find Element Shards, Ore, & Ambergris In Ark Fjordur? 

These elements are found in one single area on the deep side of the ocean. These items and other pristine treasures may be found at islands named Swamp in the ocean depths.

The wisest choice to accomplish is to jump undersea while mounted or tamed on an aquatic creature. Additionally, make sure that you carry a complete set of Diving gear before you plunge in. 

Follow the points given below for your quest.

  • Look for a gap next to a couple of the different rocks that resemble scars as you descend further into the ocean’s depths.
  • LON 16.4 and LAT 52.0 are the locations for this pit. Directly enter the exit and explore it more.
  • the players know that they have gotten near to the sea floor when they start to notice water animals and a few glowing organisms from a little range.
  • Additionally, there is a chance that the player could run into a Mossasaurus somewhere.
  • As they may shock you and drain your health, saltwater animals should be avoided.
  • The player shall find an illuminated ocean bed encircled by a variety of features as you reach the bottom.
  • It is preferable to dig and obliterate the stones that are glowing purple in color in order to obtain the Element Ores.
  • Get the Ambergis and Element shards close by while you discover the surrounding gadgets.
  • Additionally, you could also find a lot of other resources such as metals, stones, and other materials.

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Fjordur has been hitting high notes and the recent update has created a good buzz in the market. New updates mean new places and new elements to explore. This keeps the players excited as they discover new places and elements.

The process of locating these stones is so exciting. The beautiful graphics will keep you glued to the game.

This article will allow you to discover these elements easily and you can move to the next stage quickly. So follow these steps and keep playing.