Fjordur Ark Rare Flowers & Black Pearls

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur is an official map developed for the survival game ARK: Survival Evolved. It comes with many resources and base locations that help the player to survive and obtain shelter and resources. 

Fjordur Ark Rare Flowers Locations

Rare flowers are ingredients that can be used in crafting. 

Rare flowers are obtained from brambles, pitcher plants in swamps, cattails, spiky shrubs in cold areas where snow is common, red-brown bushes present on the mountain tops, and can also be found in the giant beaver dam. 

It can be harvested from poisonous mushroom patches. Whenever any survivor consumes these rare flowers. I

t provides him with 15 units of food and activates Rare flower pheromones for 10 seconds leading to evoking aggression in the nearby dinosaur.

There are three main locations in Ark Fjordur where you can find the rare flowers in abundance. A quick rock formation present at any place indicates the presence of rare flowers. The main locations where it can be found are:

1. First Farming Location

It is found at the latitude 13.4 and longitude 63.7 which makes you reach the northeastern corner of the map.

You will find rare flowers on the large boulder surrounded by eight pillars where there will be rock formation.

You will get to see blue and pink rare flowers in abundance which can be extracted using instruments like the sickle.

2. Second Farming Location

It is found at the latitude 19.6 and longitude 76.6 which makes you reach the border of the redwoods area and there will be rock formation that presents an abundance of rare flowers.

3. Third Farming Location

It is found at latitude 65.2 and longitude 07.9 which takes you to the southwest corner of the map.

There you can find another rock formation and the presence of rare flowers in abundance. 

4. Harvesting Reeds

You can find these reeds present on the edges or banks of any waterbody. You can collect these reeds and harvest them as their harvesting leads to the production of rare flowers.

What Are Black Pearls In Ark Fjordur?

Black pearls are a type of rare resource that comes from the bottom of the sea.

These resources are utilized in many crafting activities and are a part of many crafting recipes as well. 

Black pearls can be produced by creatures, harvested, and can found in loot, etc.

Argentavis and Dunkleostus are the two creatures that reduce the weight of black pearls to 50% if it is present in their inventory.

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Where To Find Black Pearls In Ark Fjordur?

1. Harvesting Dead Creatures

Harvesting Dead Creatures can be produced by harvesting dead Eurypterid, Alpha Mosasaur, Ammonite, Tusoteuthis, Trilobite, and Deathworm.

It can also be produced by harvesting dead Carnflora, which is a plant predator. 

2. Found In Loot

Found In Loot can be rarely found in loots while catching the fish using fishing rods.

3. Produced By Gacha

Gacha is a creature present in Ark Fjordur that produces many entities, and one such is black pearls.

4. Produced By Tamed Pheonix 

Tamed Pheonix usually produces or excretes Silica pearls, but it does sometimes excrete black pearls as well.

5. From Pearl Asteroids

It can be found in space biomes from the light blue pearls present in the pearl asteroids. 

6. In Scorched Earth

These are produced by Alpha Deathworms and Deathworms roaming in the deserts of Scorched earth.

7. Found AT The Graves Of Lost

It can be found in the rivers at the graves of the lost, which is a poisonous river present near the Aberration ark.

8. Found In Crystal Isles

They are present in the water bubbles of the Eldritch isles or the crystal isles. These are basically black variants of silica pearls that can be harvested to obtain black pearls. 


Rare flowers are a resource in Ark Fjordur that can be used as ingredients for crafting activities. These rare flowers can be obtained from pitcher plants, cattails, beaver dams, etc. 

Similarly, black pears are also rarely occurring resources that can be harvested and obtained from dead creatures.

They can also be found in crystal isles, graves of lost, scorched earth, etc.