How To Level Up In Ark Fjordur?

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur is a non-canonical expansion map that has been developed for ARK: Survival evolved on June 12, 2022, for MAC, Linux, Pc, and other gaming consoles.

The player has to explore this map for finding resources to sustain a livelihood. There are many resources present in abundance in ark Fjordur, and a player has to equip these resources for their survival. 

How To Level Up In Ark Fjordur?

1. By Using Fjordhawk

Fjordhawk is a new creature that has recently been introduced in the game. You should know how to use it properly, which will help you to level up in ark Fjordur.

It is one of the best shoulder pets that you can have as it has got the ability to regain the items from your dead body once you die. 

You need to level up the stats of Fjordhawk, and you can do that by focussing on the Movement speed, weight, and health stats.

The weight stats need to be upgraded up to 200, health to 500 because weight enables it to carry your items and health lets it live longer, and movement speed stats directly affects its flight and how fast it is going to fly.

2. By Using Fjordur Rune

The Fjordur runes are new locations that have been added to the ark Fjordur.

These runes are red-coloured entities which can be seen floating in the air and can be found at various places scattered all around. 

Finding these runes will enable you to get a 10-minute level boost. You can find almost 200 runes on the map, and a few can be found in the lower areas, while most of them can be found in the main area.

To easily find these runes, you can fly, and these red runes will be visible to you. You can find these runes almost in every cave, in the hidden corners, etc., and you can stack them once you find these runes. 

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Ark Fjordur is a DLC, non-canonical map that has been developed for ark survival evolved.

This map has to be explored by the player as it is full of resources that are needed by them to survive and earn a livelihood. 

You can level up in ark Fjordur by using the Fjorhawks properly, which are shoulder pets that are known for regaining the items from your body in case you die.

Their health, movement speed, and weight stats should be maintained. You can also level up for 10 minutes through the red runes present all over the map.