Ark Fjordur Village Locations

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur’s updated map consists of three different villages located at different coordinates. These villages are the appropriate spot for saving yourself from dangerous creatures until you’re ready to face them again.

Since these areas are isolated and life does not exist here, you can take a shield of this area to protect your life.

However, there are only three villages on the whole map, and thus you will have to determine their location to save yourself from getting lost. 

Ark Fjordur Village Locations

The three villages in ark Fjordur are present in Red forest, whiterun, and one goes by the name Vardiland village.

You can visit any village of your choice, and if you are looking for the exact location of these villages, the coordinates mentioned below will help you to easily locate them:


You can locate this village at Lat 20, Lon 25 in the Asgard region. Although the village is accessible to all players, it is highly recommended to visit this village for Whiterun from Skyrim. 

This is because the overall architecture of this village resembles the origin. It is not difficult to find this village.

All you have to do is go to the Asgard region and find the purple tree forest. Since these trees are vivid and have a unique color, they can be spotted easily on the map. 

Another major attraction in this village is a Viking’s house located just at the entrance of the village.

Although the place seems to be peaceful and safe, make sure you check the area for threats before you set your foot here. 

Red Forest

You can find Red Forest at Lat 63, Lon 35. The Vardiland village is also known as the red forest village due to its overall appearance. Once you reach the mentioned coordinates, you will spot a village with red color spread all over it. 

It looks magnificent and impressive. The advantage of staying in this village is that you will get an additional layer of safety as this village is covered from all the faces with a circular pool providing you a shield against creatures and monsters. 

Also, you can perform various activities such as farming, camping, etc., in the small spaces provided throughout the village between the houses. You can use this free space for all kinds of engaging activities. 


To locate Vardiland, you will have to head to the Lat 69, Lon 05 coordinates. After reaching the coordinates, you will find a small village in your sight.

Although this village is small and looks safe, it comes with surprising and dangerous creatures. Creatures usually found in Vardiland include alpha wolves, Raptors, and many more. 

Therefore, before being too comfortable in this village, make sure you deal with these elements. This village is embedded with small and large huts. The large one has to offer much more and must be considered. 

You can make various changes to the huts and surroundings if you feel like engaging in activities such as farming or cropping. No matter what you change, ensure your safety by keeping an eye out for the creatures. 

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Although villages are not crowded but have a lot to offer, you can visit three different Ark Fjordur villages and settle in one for a while.

However, it is highly recommended to watch out for different creatures to ensure your safety.

The architecture and setup of ark Fjordur villages ensure peace, elegance, and calmness to the game.