Ark Fjordur Hati And Skoll

Ark Fjordur

Hati and Skoll is the newly added mini-boss in ark Fjordur. In addition to various creatures, the mini-bosses added to the Ark Fjordur are extraordinary.

The Hati and Skoll is a dragon mini-boss. This mini-boss is a combination of 2 creatures in one. You can only find this unique mini-boss in the Asgard region. 

Once defeated, Hati and Skoll provide relics to the survivor. These relics will help you to call upon the teleporter, which will guide you to join the dragon boss fight.

You can easily get Hati and Skoll relics at specific locations spread around the Asgard realm. 

Each member of this dynamic duo comes with different capabilities. Please note that both Hati and Skoll will spawn simultaneously when you fight with them. 

To summon and fight this mini-boss, you will need a minimum of 30 runestones and a higher competitive level. In order to spawn this mini-boss, you will need Engram.

Engram can be crafted easily with the help of 30 runestones. You can easily craft this weapon at the terminal only. 

What Is The Use Of Hati And Skoll In Ark Fjordur?

Hati and Skoll in ark Fjordur are used for different purposes. You can ride either Hati or Skoll. Also, you can jump to longer distances whilst riding any of these mini-bosses.

Skoll is highly capable of bursting into flames whenever commanded to. Whereas Hati is an amazing boss to spawn the Fenrir wolfs.

Another major use of Hati and Skoll is that you need the relics for summoning the island boss and defeating it. In combat, with this duo mini-boss, you can win the relics essential for defeating or summoning the island bosses. 

What To Get Hati And Skoll In Ark Fjordur?

Getting Hati and Skoll in ark Fjordur means facing and defeating the mini-boss called Hati and Skoll to get the relics. You can easily find Hati and Skoll in the Asgard region and summon them. 

But, you don’t have to scan through the whole Asgard realm and can find this creature by visiting 20.5,37.1 coordinates in Asgard. Once you reach this set of coordinates, you will reach the terminal from where you can summon and fight the Hati and Skoll boss. 

While reaching this boss, you can take several tames and even the large ones to ensure your victory. After defeating the boss, you need to explore both the corpses and look for the two relics you need. 

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Hati and Skoll are some of the most extraordinary creatures in Ark Fjordur. It is a powerful mini-boss that can only be summoned if the player owns at least 30 runestones.

Both the creatures in this duo boss come with different abilities and capabilities. Also, defeating them is essential to get your hands on the two relics that are necessary for summoning the island boss.

Therefore, you must gain all the knowledge and take the tames with you in the battle to ensure your win and their defeat.