Ark Fjordur: Basilisk, Karkinos, Velonasaur, Mjolnir

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur has many updates, including various exciting creatures and new realms. Many exciting creatures such as Basilisk, karkinos, velonasaur, and Mjolnir are now accessible by all users globally.

However, to access them, you need to locate and tame them. Also, knowing what they are capable of will help you immensely while dealing with such creatures.

This article will help you gain clarity about different and unique creatures recently encountered by gamers in Ark Fjordur.

Who Is Basilisk In Ark Fjordur?

Basilisk in ark Fjordur is a serpent creature. The Basilisk in ark Fjordur digs into the ground until it encounters any attacker approaching it.

It does the same action whenever looking for prey. This creature is available in Ark Fjordur: survival evolved’s aberration expansion.

This creature is a gigantic serpent and quite dangerous. The main identification criteria associated with the physical appearance of the Basilisk in ark Fjordur is its tail.

The tail of the Basilisk is a three-forked creature and can be identified easily. Once it spots an attacker or prey coming towards it, it can ambush them with a dynamic appearance straight from the ground.

Ark Fjordur Basilisk Location

You can easily locate Ark Fjordur Basilisk at lat 79.6 and Lon 81.8. These coordinates will take you to the Balheimr region.

You can only find this region on the updated map of ark Fjordur. While tracing through the map, make sure you move to the bottom right corner of the final and updated map of ark Fjordur to reach this exact location.

Once you reach the mentioned coordinates, roam around the area four to five times, as a chance of spotting the Ark Fjordur Basilisk in one go is rare.

Also, ensure that you stay clear and protected from all the other creatures wandering over the ground at this location.

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Who Is Karkinos In Ark Fjordur?

Karkinos in Ark Fjordur is an underground giant crab creature recently added to the creature list of ark Fjordur.

One of the biggest advantages of this giant crab is its fierce nature of this creature which makes it an advantage for winning a battle.

This creature can be used to bring other creatures to the taming pen straight from their respective location.

Another major advantage of having the Karkinos in Ark Fjordur in your corner is that you get access to organic polymer, and that too is in abundance.

You can make great use of the Karkinos during a fight or combat to defeat the opponent. The characteristic that makes it much more than just a giant crab is that it can easily wield and use all of its claws individually with accuracy.

This way, you can trap more preys using this creature in lesser time.

Ark Fjordur Karkinos Location

You can find Ark Fjordur Karkinos either at underwater locations or in Vanaheim. On the updated map of fjordur, you will have to search underwater to get your hands on Ark Fjordur Karkinos and tame them.

While searching underwater, make sure you visit the coordinates 76.6-64.8. At these coordinates, you will find a good number of Ark Fjordur Karkinos easily. 

Once you reach this location, look for a crystal pillar and find your creatures easily.

If you wish to explore another location, you can head to Vanaheim and go to the coordinates 16,68.3 in Vanaheim. This location is full of Karkinos and you can easily tame them.

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Who Is Velonasaur In Ark Fjordur?

Velonasaur in Ark Fjordur is one of the wildest and biggest creatures. You can easily recognize them through frills that resemble with cactus or the fins around its head.

These creatures are easy to find in dark locations or hues such as with colors like orange, red, black, grey, brown, or Yellow.

Although it’s rare, you can find them in hues of blue, turquoise, and green appearance.

You can find these creatures only in extinction expansion of ark Fjordur survival evolved. This is one of the most powerful additions to the game; hence, difficult to tame.

Ark Fjordur Velonasaur Location

You can easily spot the R-Velonasaur by accessing the 73.9,81.9 coordinates on the new ark Fjordur map.

These coordinates belong to the Balheimr region on the updated map. Since Velonasaur are found in volcanic regions, you need to look at the bottom on the right side of the map to locate the Velonasaur.

Since Velonasaur spawns at a faster rate, you can easily find one roaming around these coordinates and the area.

An important thing to consider is that you need to protect yourself from the attacks of Velonasaur in case they spot you first.

For that, you can take cover behind a tree or a large stone and save yourself from their quills.

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What Is Mjolnir In Ark Fjordur?

Mjolnir in ark fjordur is basically the skin for tek sword. The Mjolnir in ark fjordur is the ultimate reward you can only get after completing the “three boss” battles with the mini-bosses of the game.

You must be at minimum 190th level in the game to summon or get your hands on the Mjolnir in ark fjordur.

Mjolnir comes with various extraordinary abilities, such as throwing lighting on several opponents at the same time and doing maximum damage to them.

Also, you can let this creature directly face them before combat even. This is the superior reward ark Fjordur has to offer for now and worth.

How To Unlock Mjolnir In Ark Fjordur

To unlock Mjolnir in ark fjordur, you have to defeat the alpha Fenrir in combat. To reach the alpha Fenrir, you will have to face all the three bosses.

You can easily summon the three mini-bosses, namely Beyla, Haiti and skoll, and steinjorn. But, make sure you have at least 30 runestones to get the ability to summon any of the mini-bosses.

After defeating all the mini-bosses, you will face the alpha Fenrir. So, be prepared to meet and defeat this alpha.

Once he is defeated, you will unlock the Mjolnir hammer to strike a chain of thunder lighting at your enemies.

Ark Fjordur Mjolnir Command

The ark fjordur mjolnir command is Gfi mjolnir 100. You can directly go to the admin bar and insert the same command to get instant access to the Mjolnir hammer without fighting the alpha or collecting all the runestones.

Make sure to carefully insert the exact command in the admin text bar to get this Mjolnir skin instantly.

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Ark Fjordur: Survival evolved comes with various powerful and extraordinary creatures spread throughout the different realms and regions.

Make sure you gain knowledge about the particular creatures you are trying to access before jumping in.

Once you gather all the runestones spread around the whole domain, you can face the alpha and get Mjolnir as a reward. You can also insert the correct command to access the Mjolnir hammer.