Ark Fjordur Organic Polymer 

Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur is an expansion map developed for ARK: Survival Evolved. This is an official DLC map that comes with many resources that a player has to explore and find to build a shelter and living. 

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival video game that is full of action and adventure and where a player has to survive on one of these maps.

One such map is Ark Fjordur which has got abundant resources and rich fauna.

What Is Organic Polymer In Ark Fjordur

The organic polymer is a naturally occurring resource in Ark Fjordur, which is a substitute or a type of polymer.

It is used for crafting and is consumed in Trek replicators and fabricators. Its structure is in the form of lightweight plates that are incredibly strong. 

It is obtained from various creatures where it naturally occurs. It is highly dangerous and hazardous if consumed by humans as it is also known as the “suicide pill” because it does 500 damage to the player and kills most of the players instantly.

How To Get Organic Polymer In Ark Fjordur?

Below are the ways to Get Organic Polymer In Ark Fjordur:

1. By Constructing

You would require an engram, fabricator, Obsidian, and cementing paste for constructing the organic polymer.

But you have to keep in mind that engram can only be available at level 40 of the game. 

2. From Bee Cave

Players can find organic polymer in the bee caves located in Crustal isles where it is believed to be present in abundance, but for extracting it, they might need a particular tool such as a Wooden bat, chainsaw, or sword.

Tamed monsters like Doedicurus and Magmasaur can also extract organic polymer from these bee caves.

3. Harvested From Killing Creatures 

The Organic polymer can also be harvested by killing creatures like Mantis, Kairuku, Karkinos, and Hespirornis.

Harvesting dead Ichthyosaurus also yields a good amount of organic polymer. 

4. From Deathworms And Plants 

It can also be obtained in the form of a loot drop by deathworm. And can also be obtained by collecting specific plants like bulb-like, white plants found in Valguero and Aberration.

5. From Grinding Objects Made Of Polymer

The organic polymer can be obtained by grinding objects that are crafted with polymer.

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Ark Fjordur is a DLC expansion map developed for ARK: survival evolved game. In this map, various players have to explore and find shelter for living as it is full of resources and many creatures. 

Organic Polymer is a naturally occurring resource in ark fjordur which is used in crafting and can be obtained from many resources like bee caves, dead creatures, loot drops by deathworms, specific plants, etc.