The Cycle Frontier Mineral Scanner 

cycle frontier

An interstellar shooting video game sounds like the best way to energize your day!!

The Cycle: Frontier is one such video game that enables a deep dive into the world of action, interstellar travel, and definitely; A Lot of Fun!!

What Is A Mineral Scanner In The Cycle Frontier?

The mineral scanner is A handheld instrument essential to a player in the game used to trace mineable asset hubs.

Usually, it can trace sources of Nickel but some specific features permit it to trace the sources of Veltecite, focus crystals, and titan ores. 

The cycle: frontier game brings the player into the magnificent planet of Fortuna III, where they have to mine for resources to level up in the game and become a formidable opponent.

The mineral scanner helps the players in their pursuit to mine mineral assets.  

How To Use Mineral Scanner In The Cycle Frontier?

Steps To Use Mineral Scanner In The Cycle Frontier:

Step 1: Press down on “Q” on your keyboard which will open the selection wheel.

Step 2: Choose the mineral scanner in the selection wheel. 

If you tap “Q” again, you will be able to see the last gadget you selected. 

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The Cycle Frontier is a highly popular game that keeps on challenging its players with new challenges.

With several features that the players can unlock, the game is a true gamer’s dream come true!! The mineral scanner can be an asset for you in the game.

Therefore, finding it is crucial. With the steps mentioned above, you can easily find it and use it in the game.