The Cycle Frontier Aluminum Scrap 

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Scrap metal might be accessible in the world of The Cycle: frontier in abundance, but are you still running out of it? Are you a little clueless about how to find these scrap metals?

These crafting substances are essential to a gamer as they can’t survive in the game without utilizing them to build things that they might need to level up in the game world.

Aluminum is one such extremely important scrap metal that can turn the whole world of The cycle: frontier for you in the positive direction!! 

What Is Aluminum Scrap In The Cycle Frontier?

Aluminum Scrap is just one of the scrap metals that is an important ingredient for making armors and weapons.

The Cycle: Frontier’s game world has probably introduced you to several scrap metals which are essential in the long run to successfully finish quests and level up.

What sets it apart is the fact that it is extremely rare in the game and is often hidden in locations which are tough to find.  

The Cycle: Frontier Aluminum Scrap Location 

There are certain very specific locations in the game world where Aluminum was produced and is still available:

Bright Sands

The easier map of the game is Bright Sands. It is divided into certain structures- Korolev structures, Osiris structures, ICA structures, and other unnamed places.

You will have to thoroughly look around certain locations in this area as most of them are Korolev buildings, namely, the Dig Site, East Collector Point, Power Plant, and the Water Facility.

Crescent Falls

A larger and more complex map in the game, the Crescent Falls is a dangerous region flanked by jungle, mushroomlands, desert, farmlands, and hot springs on all sides. Lockers, Crates, and Containers are available in abundance at the Crescent Falls, probably more than at Bright Sands.

Thus looking for Aluminum scraps at Crescent Falls isn’t a bad idea. Five different locations in the Crescent Falls game world are popular hotspots of Aluminum-

  • Civilian Lockers
  • Industrial Crates
  • Dumpsters
  • Shipping Containers
  • Comms Tower 

Read on to note the drop chances of Aluminum scrap metal in some of these locations-


  • Tier 03: 6.11% Drop Chance
  • Tier 04: 5.60% Drop Chance
  • Tier 05: 6.51% Drop Chance

Civilian Lockers

  • Tier 03: 4.93% Drop Chance
  • Tier 04: 4.83% Drop Chance
  • Tier 05: 5.97% Drop Chance

Industrial Crate

  • Tier 03: 0.86% Drop Chance
  • Tier 04: 3.56% Drop Chance
  • Tier 05: 4.27% Drop Chance

These are the spots where Aluminium scrap metal is obtained commonly. If you plunder several lockers, crates, and containers, you might just get your hands on this rare scrap metal.

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Locations like the Water facility, the Dig Site, the Jungle Area, the Jungle Camp, the East Collector Point, and the Powerplant are great places to look for Aluminum scraps.

Aluminum might be rare, but you can look for it in various locations. Once obtained, it will be an essential crafting substance that you can use in the game.

The Cycle: Frontier is a game of patience and strategy. With the new information that you learned today, you are ready to make logical decisions and ace the game!!