Raft: Recycler & How to Get Trash Cubes?

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A Swedish company called Redbeet Interactive created the endurance game Raft. The version was developed and published by Axolot Games. The game allows combinations of single as well as several players together in the game. 

The storyline of the game is set in a way that the players will find themselves in the center of the ocean on a raft. The aim of these players will be to collect items and conduct activities like fishing, fronds, etc. 

Players can build and conduct research by gathering items with the support of the crafting mechanism. As a result, they can enhance and enlarge the Raft.

​​Version 1.0 of Raft was just released, and it adds fresh material to the videogame. This Recycler is one of the items in this.

As a potential way of wealth for the player, it is highly valuable. To learn more about the Raft Recycler and its uses in Raft keep reading the article. 

What Are Trash Cubes In The Raft?

Trash cubes are large chunks of abandoned waste that are drifting mostly in the sea or descending to the floor of the sea, as their name indicates.

The trash chunks may be used to enhance your raft or traded for different commodities by shore merchants.

These garbage cubes are available by diving undersea and finding them. It’s simple to locate this ubiquitous commodity.

How To Get Trash Cubes In The Raft? 

There are two ways you get trash cubes. Both the ways are defined below.

1. Search For The Trash Cubes In The Sea

The trash cubes are waste commodities that are dispersed all around the sea and the ocean bed. To collect these rafts jump into the water and swim around.

There is no fixed spot for these garbage cubes they will appear at random spots and their discovery is all based on your chance.

The metal detectors will be helpful for locating these trash cubes. The metal detector fastens the search process for the player

2. Produce Your Own Trash Cubes

If the player owns a recycler then they will be benefited a lot in producing their own trash cubes.

The player will have to build the recycler and shall put the waste around the raft to produce the cubes. Usually, by putting in 30 waste materials the player will get a single trash cube.

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What Is A Recycler In The Raft?

A recycler is a machine that is crafted by the players. The new version of the Raft has introduced this recycler machine.

The machine does exactly what its name depicts, it recycles the material and trash around the players. The machine has proved to be very useful as the recycled material is transformed into cubicles. 

These recycled cubicles are used by the players to exchange materials with the local and international traders.

The trash cubes produced by the recycler support the player in upgrading their boats into ships.

How To Get A Recycler In The Raft?

The recycler is built using a plan which is available when you visit the Radio Tower. The map and procedure to build the machine can be collected from the Radio Tower.

The basic material used for its construction includes a board of circuits, plastic, nuts and bolts, and Inglot.

Another important requirement for making the Recycler function is the need for a power source. This power source can be obtained in form of a battery. 

After collecting the plan and material you can construct the recycler and put it anywhere on the raft. The trash cubes produced by the recycler will ultimately help the players build a better ship. 

How To Use A Recycler In The Raft?

After constructing the recycler you are allowed to keep the machine anywhere on the ship. Now you have to feed the machine with garbage like stones, seaweeds, etc so that it can convert and recycle the waste into cubes of trash. You must note that you cannot put food inside the recycler.

Mostly when you feed the recycler with 30 items or more you will be given one cube of trash. The speed of recycling the material is just a few minutes and after the cube is produced the Recycler can be put to use again.

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The excitement of playing rafter among the gamers is increasing as the new version brings out new machines and ideas.

The introduction of the recycler has created a buzz as this machine allows the production of cubes of trash on the raft itself. 

The collection of trash cubes is quite easy and manageable for the players. The players however will have to save themselves from the sharks roaming around in the ocean while looking for the trash cubes.

Trash cubes have proved to be an easy way of upgrading your raft and providing your character with luxuries. 

Hopefully, this article helped you clarify the questions about the new recycler and the collection of trash cubes.