How To Unlock New Characters In Raft?


The oceanic survival game has tons of tasks and puzzles that are full of adventures and fun.

One of them is unlocking the newly added characters in Raft, which will give you access to a number of playable characters who will be there in your voyage through the ocean. 

In this post, we will take a brief overview of how we can go about unlocking the new characters in Raft. Let’s get started. 

How To Unlock New Characters In Raft?

Steps To Unlock New Characters In Raft:

Step 1: Launch The Game 

Firstly, on the desktop of your Windows PC or Mac, tap on the Raft icon and launch the game. 

Step 2: You Have To Make The Radar To Reach The Various Islands 

Secondly, you have to make the radar and “three antennas.” While you make them, you have to fight off or distract the sharks in the ocean and complete a few minor tasks. 

Step 3: Follow The Coordinates Shown On The Radar 

Thirdly, as soon as you make the radar in a few moments, you will see signals in the form of marks that denote a new location.

Your first blue mark will be shown on Radio Tower, where you will find the first new character. 

Step 4: Find Tala On The Radio Tower 

Follow the direction of the blue mark shown on your radar. You will reach the Radio tower. 

You have to then climb up the staircase and then go to the edge, follow the only sled and jump to the other building. 

Hop over the cartoons and come over to another sledge and jump and then climb up the staircase. In between, you have to stop and go inside a room and find the note and then go up the staircase.

And then, you will find a room where Tala is sitting with her head down, interact with her, and she will tell you how reliable she is and is also a maritime expert.

Step 5: Find Johnny On The Balboa Island 

Next, go back to your raft after you get Tala. You will the location for johnny, skip the first island, and directly go to Balboa Island.

Walk down the shore beside the broken fence, and walk up for a few moments until you come across a junction, don’t take the right turn. You have to “go left.” 

Walk for a few seconds and then turn right up and walk along the edge of the island(the northernmost part).

You will find bears. It’s your choice if you want to fight them or dodge them. 

Find the cave entrance and go inward down to the cave. It’s very dark inside, but the cave is short, so you won’t be needing a torch light. You will then be near the Relay station with the coordinates around 7511 

You will last see a huge staircase. You have to climb up the long staircase to reach the topmost room and avoid falling off.

When you reach the top floor, you will see a room where you will see Johnny lying on a cushion bed, talking to him, and you will unlock Johnny. 

Step 6: Locate Tangaroa Island To Find Elaine 

After that, get back to your raft, and you have to locate Tangaroa Island. You cannot reach this island until and unless you have completed the 100% of the story, so make sure you have completed the story and then locate the place in the coordinates 8231 on your radar. 

Follow the mark on your radar, and you will find the dome floating within which lies Tangaroa city. You have to find the ladder hanging from the dome.

Climb up over the ladder and jump down through the broken window to the room, and you will see Elaine tied up with the seat. 

Interact with Elaine, and she will tell you how you can count on her and will also help you with sailing as she has won many championships in this field.

Listen to her dialogue to unlock her, and then go back to your raft from the same path and move down the ladder. 

Step 7: Go To Temperance Island To Find Shogo

The last new character in Temperance Island is Shogo. Your coordinates for the island will be around 0457. It won’t be accurate, but close by.

Temperance island is an icy island. Before you can unlock Shogo, you have to complete a few tasks like getting a ” Selene Key” and “Blowtorch,” and you have to solve a few puzzles. Only then will you be able to proceed further in the Selene Research Centre. 

Find the Selene Research Facility, go inside, and follow the hallway. You will find other non-playable characters in the hallway named Tyrant.

Interact with them and find the “Reactor room” across the snowy shaft, and you will be inside a room with a screen(showing signals in green) attached to the left side of the room.

Go near the screen, and you will see Shogo(the last character) falling down from the ceiling, talk to him, and he will tell you he is a bio-engineer, and then you can successfully unlock Shogo.

Step 8: Come Back To Your Raft 

Lastly, come back from the temperance island and move to your raft. Here, you will see Raft now allows the customization of “new playable characters.” You have successfully unlocked all four new characters in the Raft. 

There are a total of six characters. Rouhi and Maya are already unlocked at the start of the game(automatically), and make sure you don’t cut off the dialogues of the characters when you are trying to unlock them after you find them.

And if you are curious to know about the gender, tala is female, Elaine is female, and Shogo and johnny are male characters. 

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Unlocking all the characters in Raft is a whole adventure. You have to move from one island to the other in search of the characters.

Initially, your radar will locate the radio tower where Tala is, and then to Balboa island, where you will find Johnny, and then to Tangaroa island, where you will find Elaine, and lastly, you will find Shogo on Temperance island.

Along the way, you have to solve puzzles and minor tasks, and prior to unlocking the characters, you have to make the radar. You can’t skip it and the antennas.

The first two characters are already unlocked. We don’t have to go to locations and find them. We hope this article has helped you to know how we can unlock all the characters in the Raft.