Raft Cruise Ship Walkthrough

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The Vasagatan cruise ship that has been lying abandoned in the second storyline location in the game world of Raft is easy to find if you simply follow the code entered on your Radio Station meticulously.

The Vasagatan was built specifically for a speedy escape from the disastrous floods occurring on the mainland in the game world.

The crew aboard the now abandoned cruise ship has left several messages detailing because they had to leave the mainland and the issues that they confronted with food deficiencies, illnesses, and rodent invasions. All of them seem to have perished. 

Before planning to explore this ship, you need to make sure that you are armed with specific things and weapons so that you can survive inside the ship that might be home to unknown dangers-

  • 1 Metal Spear
  • 3 Wooden Spears
  • 1 Basic Bow
  • 4+ Head Lights
  • Food
  • 2+ Bottle of Fresh Water

You should carry ample food and water with you as the exploration can take a lot of time.

Raft Cruise Ship Walkthrough

Boarding The Cruise Ship

It is advisable to dock your raft near the Vasagatan. You will have to board the cruise ship via the door that says “Authorized Personnel Only”.

You will have to walk through a tunnel and turn on a lever that will light up the bulb over the table on the first floor. 

The First Floor

The room on the first floor is a storehouse of several exclusive in-game loots. Make sure to collect all of them. You can access the hallway through a door that says “Authorized Personnel Only,” which you have open with the help of a crowbar.

You will meet a ferocious creature, Lurker, a giant rat, and kill it with the bow or spear you are carrying. The room on the first floor houses a red storage box with a latch on it to the left side of the entryway when you stroll in. You’ll require Bolt Cutters to break open the storage box. 

The door beside this room will take you to the staircase. You will need a Blue Key to access it. Continue to head a few doors down, and you’ll see a restroom entryway on the right side.

The washroom has a Red Key and bits of garbage. Gather the Red Key and the garbage. Then, head beyond the restroom and take a right turn.

Walk down the corridor, and you’ll arrive at an impasse with two entryways. The entryway toward the end of the lobby requires the Red Key, but first, go into the entryway on the left.

This next room is the kitchen. It has a plethora of in-game items, a note from Hanne, and a Gas Canister. Get the Gas Canister, then go back out into the passage and pass through the entryway that needs the Red Key to unlock.

To begin with, enter the opposite room. Here you will be able to get your hands on the Bolt Cutter. In the extreme corner of the room, you will find a list of things you will need to carry on your journey-

  • 1 Electrical Wire
  • 1 Lighter
  • 1 Gas Tank
  • 1 Bullet
  • 5 Mechanical Part

Look around the room. You will find one mechanical part in the open cabinet placed in the room, mainly on the top shelf.

Snatch the remainder of the in-game loots in the room, then leave the room and head back in the manner in which you came.

Walk down the corridor till you see the locked entryway that you used to come in, you can most effectively perceive this entryway on the grounds that the Crowbar has been left on the floor.

Enter the room on your right where you previously fought the Lurkers. You will now be able to open the storage box with the Bolt Cutters. 

Look for the Blue Key inside. You will also find Olof’s note detailing everything the cruise ship’s crew went through and the controversial route it took.

The Second Floor 

Once you have left the room on the first floor, turn left. You will be able to access the entryway to the staircase, thanks to the Blue Key you found in the first-floor room. Climb the staircase, and you will enter a posh room with pool tables.

Stay alert!! Lurkers are everywhere. The stairs allow you to explore the topmost levels of the Vasagatan, which are more open, and this is a free space for Lurkers to move about in. 

Brace yourself for a sudden fight armed with your bows or spear. Climb the staircase once again to reach the second floor, and keep walking left till you find an entryway with a green exit sign that will open to a bar.

In the bar, you will find bullets and mechanical parts on the ground near the DJ booth and in the vacant pool right outside the bar. Now, Walk back to the pool table room.

Pick up the plastic placed somewhere behind the bar. Walk down the corridor and access the room with “1” engraved on it, pick up yet another plastic placed in the washroom.

Access the room with “2” engraved on it down the hallway outside. In the washroom, pick up yet another plastic cassette placed on the desk in order to access a note that contains Hanne and Olof’s conversation. Access Room 3, also called the Captain’s Quarters, and kill the Lurker dwelling inside.

As soon as you are done eliminating it, you’ll get your hands on an important safe with a 4-digit combination lock, for which you will find the password as you keep proceeding with your exploration of the cruise ship. 

The last room you will explore on the second-floor houses numerous exclusive in-game items- plastic, food, another mechanical part, and many crates.

Ensure that you are bringing all of this along with you. You can make a trip back to the raft to unload some of these loots so that you can carry on your exploration light-handed. 

The Third Floor

Once you are done dropping off the entire loot on the raft (to avoid losing the entire thing in case you die while moving on with the exploration of the Vasagatan), walk back to the stairway on the second floor.

The stairway to the third floor is located beside it. Climb to enter the rooms on the third floor. Stay Alert!! You have to kill the Lurkers on this floor to move forward with your quest.

Once you are done eliminating them, keep walking until you see the “exit” sign glowing green.

Walk down the corridor, which is located behind the staircase. You will find a locked room on your right, which you will get access to once you find the Key Card that unlocks it.

Keep walking down the corridor, and you will finally get to see the cruise ship’s dining room.

Here, loot the crates filled with food placed on the metal serving table. On your left, near the table, you will finally find the final Mechanical Part on the ground.

Look for the round table and you’ll soon see the four-digit combination code that will help you access the important Safe that you have left behind in the Captain’s Quarters.

You might want to grab the exclusive in-game loots available outside on the helipad area. 

The Fourth Floor

You might have an encounter with a few Lurkers on this floor. Kill them, and walk back to the top of the staircase to the fourth floor.

Turn right to find a room that houses a dance platform, slightly raised than the ground of the rest of the room.

Spot the required Key card on the raised platform. Keep walking into the rooms on the fourth floor till you find a staircase, and then turn left, and keep walking down that corridor.

You’ll spot a seemingly important door that has a giant black refrigerator blocking it, which can only be moved with the help of a Car Jack, an in-game item you’ll find later on in the game. 

You can now walk back to the rooms on the third floor, but here’s a new revelation- the Lurkers can come back to life!! You will have to fight them off in order to open the Key Card room with the key card you have successfully found on the fourth floor.

Once you enter the room with the Key card, you’ll realize it’s an office of some sort. There is a Green Key placed on the desk.

It is advisable to pocket this green key before you leave the room to look for the staircase to the fifth floor. 

The Fifth Floor 

The staircase to the fifth floor is easy to find- take the left from the staircase that leads to the fourth floor, keep moving down the corridor, and then you’ll have to take a left again. 

Once you reach the fifth floor, you will be introduced to a land of numerous crates filled with important in-game supplies.

On the opposite side of the room, you will be able to use the Green Key to unlock a door. A HEADS UP!!  A lurker is waiting for you inside!! Keep your bow and arrow ready to eliminate it.

Keep moving past the bookcase in the room, and you will find a lighter, another cassette, and another crate on the ground.

The Cassette will fill you in on the details of the events that happened right after the cruise ship reached the land you are currently standing on. Proceed to the second floor after grabbing the loot.

Walk back to the Captain’s Quarters. If the Lurker you killed earlier has come back to life, you will have to kill it again.

Now, you can access the Safe finally, inside which you will find a note from Olof and some electrical wires.

The note tells you about the horrible details of how Olof succeeded in setting the Lurkers on the cruise ship’s passengers and members of the crew. 

You can now walk back to the second-floor pool table room and take the staircase to the rooms on the first floor.

On the first floor, turn right and keep walking through the corridor till you find a room with crafting tables. You will be able to build a Car, Jack, and Bomb with their help. 

As soon as you are done building them, you can walk back to the fourth floor and move the black fridge blocking the mysterious door with the Car Jack that you have built.

Inside the room, you’ll find Crates; even in the Washroom on your left.

The Sixth Floor

You are on the final floor of the cruise ship, Vasagatan. You can use the bomb you built with the help of the crafting table to access the bridge on this floor.

You should plant the bomb and then run to the far end of the stairway in order to minimize the risk of dying in the game. You’ll be able to access the Bridge after the bomb has done its job.

Walk to where the controls of the Vasagatan are, and VOILA!! You’ll find the three best loots of the entire exploration-

  • Steering wheel blueprint
  • Engine blueprint

A note that says “Balboa?”- next in-game island’s radio code.

Once you are done grabbing these loots, you will crack the “Vasagatan Historian” achievement. 

You can choose to spend more time on the Vasagatan to kill more Lurkers to obtain raw meat, which will be essential food for the game in the long run.

But don’t stay for too long. Come back to the Raft. You can even try diving underneath the raft and grabbing some Seaweed and copper. 

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The Vasagatan Cruise Ship storyline might take a few days to finish as it is a pretty large space to explore, which has numerous loots and exclusive in-game items.

It is equally exciting and adventurous. Are you ready to explore Vasagatan??