How To Get To Shipwreck Island In Raft?


Raft’s mysterious but interactive game world is here to take away all your weekday blues. With multiple new locations popping up in this very popular game, you never know when it’s time to go for an exploration.

Are you ready for a new adventure? This one might just test your patience!!

Want to explore a new part of this Raft game world? Welcome to Shipwreck Island, one of the most resource-rich locations in the game.

It is rumored to be a treasure trove of a plethora of important resources required to level up in the game- Metal, Cave Mushrooms, Ore, Copper, Seaweed, Giant Clams, and a lot more.

What’s more, is that this Shipwreck Island has a giant ship that was abandoned that might be a storehouse of loot boxes with a lot of important in-game items in them.

Loot Boxes are scarcely available in the Raft game world, and what it holds within is of great use to players. The island also houses Captain’s Hat and Radio. 

How To Get To Shipwreck Island In Raft?

Reaching Shipwreck Island isn’t a straightforward task. It’s not a clearly marked island and might just come up in a part of the Raft game world randomly, out of nowhere.

Here are some clues to look out for in this extremely rare location in Raft-

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The Shipwreck Island often pops up near a tiny island, but it only has a 2% chance of popping up randomly.

If you notice a tiny island close to the horizon, it is advisable to get closer to it to catch the spawning of the Shipwreck Island. 

Here’s some good news!! You don’t have to sail all the way to the horizon to look for Shipwreck Island.

Just get nearer to notice a small flag with the words “HELP” or “AID” that must have been left behind by a fellow sailor who had been stuck on the island for a considerable period of time. 

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It breaks our heart to inform you that there’s no fixed time at which this island pops up in the Raft game world.

So looking for the priceless resources on the Shipwreck island is definitely a daunting task!! Now that you have the clues be patient, and you will surely crack this quest.

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