How To Get To Tangaroa In Raft? 

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Raft, which is the oceanic survival game in a raft, has many interesting features and tasks that make players intrigued about the game. 

In this article, we will take a look at one of its prominent locations in Raft as several players are keen to know more about Tangaroa. Stay tuned.

What Is Tangaroa In Raft? 

Tangaroa is a city afloat in the middle of the ocean in the raft game. The city was first introduced in the second chapter of Raft. 

The players can use their rafts to get to this beautiful city. Tangaroa is not isolated. Tangaroa is filled with treasures, buildings, and scratches of tin and other metallic stuff and is covered with a hexagonal glass ball. 

You will find the main center tower of the city, high buildings like skyscrapers. You will also see there are places for storage, a bridge, a thriving city(with no humans but with appliances and equipment), a farm area, and you will also get to see a secret cellar(basement). 

The only enemy you will find here is the “Butler Bots.” Other than him, there is barely anyone in Tangaroa.

You have to solve interesting puzzles and collect precious resources. You will relish and assess your abilities and skills while exploring Tangaroa city.

How To Get To Tangaroa In Raft?

Steps To Get To Tangaroa In Raft:

Step 1: Launch The Raft 

Firstly, on your windows PC, tap on the Raft icon to launch the game. 

Step 2: Go To Caravan Island

Secondly, make sure you have completed Balboa island. You cannot access Tangaroa until and unless you have completed exploring Caravan Island, which is one of the most important locations in Raft.

In addition, you have to go to the mayor’s office and get the keys.  

Step 3: Get The Coordinate 8231

Thirdly, when you go to the mayor’s office, you will find lots of documents. Read through each of the documents until you find the code given for Tangaroa city.

Remember that to get to the mayor’s office. You have to explore the caravan island.

You will get the code in blue color in a journal (turn to page 26) in the office. 

Step 4: Use The Coordinate In Your Radar

Fourthly, go to your “navigation system,” which is the antenna and receiver.  Put in the code, which is 8231, into the system, and your raft will be moving in that direction.

Step 5: Follow The Direction (In Blue) To Reach Tangaroa 

Lastly, you simply have to follow the direction that is being shown on the radar, Tangaroa will be marked in blue color, and you also have to cross a thick layer of most before you reach the Tangaroa glass ball. Cross the mist, and you will see the Tangaroa city within a glass ball.

Does Raft End At Tangaroa?

Somewhat yes. Tangaroa is only the last location in the game and not the real end of the Raft game. 

As we have mentioned earlier, Tangaroa was firstly introduced in the second chapter, and even in the update, your second location will be the Tangaroa drifting city.

It is the last area in the raft. However, your game will not end after you explore the city. You can roam around, explore the ocean, and make changes with your raft to make it look better and nicer.

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Tangaroa is an island city within a hexagonal layered glass ball that is floating in the middle of the ocean. The city is not abundant and dilapidated. It has everything that a normal city has. 

You can solve puzzles, fight enemies and collect precious resources. You will see some blueprints that will help you further in the game. 

Completing Tangaroa is the last location and technically the end of the game, but you will be able to play the game further. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to stop or quit the game once you have explored Tangaroa city. 

You can follow the above steps to reach the beautiful city within a ball, do make sure you have completed the first location in Raft.

Only then will you be able to access the second location that is Tangaroa, and we hope this article has helped you to know more about Tangaroa and how we can go about reaching Tangaroa.