How To Get Leather In Raft?

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The process of obtaining the leather material in Raft is quite brutal so say, you would have to kill the Bears and Warthogs in the game and collect leather from those animals.

You can find the Warthogs on the large islands in the game, and the Bears are abundantly found on Balboa Island.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about where to find the Warthogs and Bears and why leather is an important material for the game.

What Is Leather In Raft?

Leather is a collectible material in The Raft that you can only obtain by killing wild animals such as Warthogs and Bears in your quests.

The material is used in many different aspects during the course of the game as you can research leather on your Research Table. 

Other than that, here are a few other things where you can put the leather you have collected to use:

  • Leather Greaves
  • Leather Body Armor
  • Leather Helmet
  • Big Backpack
  • Backpack
  • Empty Canteen

Other than that, you can also throw leather in the recycler and make trash cubes out of it.

So, as you can see from the above list of essentials, leather is definitely an important material to obtain in The Raft.

In the following section, we have discussed how you can obtain leather in Raft.

How To Get Leather In Raft?

To get Leather in Raft, you will have to kill wild animals. First up, you’ll have to keep your Receiver and Antenna on full alert for Warthogs and Bears whenever you are on a large island in the game.

The leather can be obtained by killing these animals, which you can only spot on the larger islands and on Balboa Island as well, which is completely inhabited by Bears.

If you do not own a Receiver and an Antenna, you can craft them easily in the early stage of the game.

Firstly, you’ll have to reach Balboa Island, which is inhabited by the Bears, and make sure to bring enough Spears with you to take down the Bears.

After you are done with the killing, hold the “E” button, which will help you pick up the 4X leather pieces, the bear head, and the raw meat.

In quite a similar fashion, you’ll track down the Warthog and get him close to the shore so that when it attacks you, it’ll burn itself out quickly, and you will be able to use your spear.

Slash the Warthog and collect the leather, a Warthog head, and raw meat. 

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Leather is an important material in the Raft that can be used to craft Armor, helmets, Backpacks, etc.

You can obtain leather in the game by slaying the wildlife on the islands, such as Warthogs and Bears. 

You will be able to spot the Warthogs on the large island, whereas you’ll find the Bears on Balboa Island.

After reaching these islands for your quest, you can use your Receiver and Antenna to track down these animals and slay them using your spear.

After completing the whole process, you will have the leather, the animal head, and raw meat up for grab.