Raft Light Bulb Location

Raft Light Bulb Location

The Light bulb in the Raft is a quest item that you can spot in one of the biggest quests in the game, where you have to visit Balboa Island.

The light bulb in the game is found near the cave of the mama bear, which is basically the first stop as you reach the island.

Read along this blog to find more about the Balboa island quest and how you can retrieve the light bulb if you follow the right directions from the cave of the mama bear. 

What Is The Use Of Light Bulb In Raft?

The light bulb in Raft is used to complete the “Fix Errol!” achievement and to scavenge the Ranger Station on Balboa Island in order to find the collectibles that are available there.

If you are well acquainted with The Raft, you will know that you’ll have to unlock achievements throughout the game to move forward, and one of those achievements, known as “Fix Errol!” can be unlocked by placing the light bulb in the doll’s hand in front of the Ranger Station.

If you take a look at the map of Balboa Island, you’ll find that there are several stations located on different parts of the island, each containing notes and other collectibles.

Now, as you collect the light bulb near the cave of mama bear, you’ll have to return the light bulb to the doll fixed near the Ranger Station hence completing the “Fix Errol!” achievement. 

In order to look through the goods in the Ranger Station, you do need the light bulb; hence it is an important part of the quest which you have to complete early on after entering Balboa Island.

Try to go through the quests as quickly as possible because the island in itself is pretty huge to be explored.

Raft Light Bulb Location

The location of the light bulb in the Raft is pretty simple, and you can find the light bulb inside a mannequin on top of a hill near the mama bear’s cave on Balboa Island.

All you have to do is follow the path to the cave of the mama bear, leave the cave behind you for a few steps, and you’ll spot a path lined up with paper notes to your left.

This path goes straight up to a hill where you will find that there are three hand-made mannequins or dolls lined up on top of the hill.

The light bulb is inside one of the three dolls which you can find right away and be on your way to the Ranger Station.

Here you will have to look through the stuff stored in the station for which you require the light bulb.

After you are done, you can place the light bulb in the hands of the doll or mannequin stationed right outside the Ranger Station, and you’ll unlock the “Fix Errol!” achievement. 

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The light bulb in  Raft is found on a quest of Balboa Island on a hill near the cave of the mama bear. In order to get there, you’ll have to type in specific coordinates for the island into your radar. 

The light bulb is crucial for unlocking the “Fix Errol!” achievement and for scrounging through the materials and collectibles from the Ranger Station on the island.