Cuphead DLC Divine Relic

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In the new chapter of the Cuphead game, the angle and devil boss is quite popular.

The Cuphead divine relic is a wonderful and powerful charm in the game that helps you to switch your weapons easily. 

You can get access to different charms all at once with the Cuphead divine relic. Getting Cuphead divine relic is very easy once you know the procedure appropriately.

This article will guide you on how to get your hands on a divine relic charm and utilize it.

What Is Divine Relic In Cuphead DLC?

The divine relic in Cuphead DLC is one of the most powerful charms available in the game that allows you to use different weapons after every pause inside the game and during any boss battle. 

With divine relic charm, every time a gamer changes their move or simply pauses during a battle, their current weapon is replaced by any other random weapon.

Make sure you know how to operate and use all the weapons before using the Divine relic charm in Cuphead DLC.

The Cuphead DLC bosses are hard to defeat with their unique styles of attacking and throwing projectiles at the gamer.

Similarly, while using the divine relic charm, you will have to use different weapons that may ask you to attack from different projectiles. 

This can be highly frustrating if you do not know how to operate all the weapons individually.

Simply while using divine relic charm, whenever you pause, dash, or parry during a fight, your weapon and projectile will be exchanged with a new and random weapon automatically.

How To Get Divine Relic Cuphead DLC?

To get divine relic Cuphead DLC, you will first have to acquire the cursed relic. Any gamer can turn the cursed relic into a divine relic by following a certain procedure. To get your hands on a divine relic, first, you have to possess the cursed relic. 

You can easily get the cursed relic with the help of a broken relic. You need to buy the broken relic and solve the puzzle provided to you at the graveyard.

After this, you will have to defeat Angel and the demon boss, which the broken relic will help you. As soon as you defeat the Angel and demon boss, your broken relic will turn into the cursed relic.

Once you have the cursed relic in your hands, you will have to defeat some other bosses inside the game to turn the scores relic into a divine relic.

You can either defeat the DLC bosses or simply stick to the basic bosses to turn your cursed relic into a divine relic. 

As long as you continue to defeat the bosses in the game, your chances of turning your cursed relic into a divine relic increase gradually.

While at it, make sure you monitor the eye icon on the charm that will change its color continuously whenever you defeat the boss.

This indicates how close you are to turning your cursed relic into a powerful charm, i.e., the divine relic.

Cuphead Divine Relic Effects

The Cuphead divine Relic offers you the ability of a curved relic to easily change your weapon throughout the game.

However, Cuphead divine Relic does not degrade your HP. Using Cuphead divine Relic charm, you can initiate switching your weapons at 3HP. 

Even at 3HP, you can easily play shots and use charms during your fights and runs. With divine relic charm, you can easily parry automatically.

The divine relic provides you with various abilities at the same time. But, make sure you learn to operate all the weapons to make maximum benefit out of divine relic charm.

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The divine relic is a highly powerful and useful charm for the gamers in the DLC chapter of the Cuphead.

You will have to defeat a minimum of seven bosses, including the basic and the DLC bosses, to convert your cursed relic into a divine relic. 

Divine relic offers various advantages, including all the capabilities of the cursed relic but allows you to start the game at a lower HP value which definitely makes it a divine charm in the game.