Cuphead DLC Island 

Cuphead DLC

The Cuphead original game sold more than a million copies of the game, and players have been eagerly waiting for the Cuphead DLC.

The game is played on an island plot with its impressive visual blueprint and characters. 

In this article, we will take a brief view of the Cuphead DLC island and highlight how to explore the Island that will help you to play the game better. 

Cuphead DLC Island

The Cuphead DLC main game plot is on the new island named “Delicious Last Course” the main island is the Inkwell Isle IV, where you have to combat a total of twelve new bosses to complete the game. 

Inkwell Isle IV

We will start with the most important level here, which is the Inkwell Isle IV.

A point to be noted here is that you can unlock this level until you gain some experience in the old game.

It is also stated at first that you don’t need to play the original game, but you have to combat one or two battles like fighting off any Mausoleum. 

After you have unlocked the DLC, you have to take a ferry and move to the island and then, from the deck, proceed to the ” Town Square,” where you will meet the Baker Chef.

He will assign you a task that plots the game flow.

From  Square, you will see the “Picnic Field,” where you will see an inventory shop where you can buy charms and newly added weapons. 

If you take the southern region on the island, you will meet the Moonshine Mob boss, and if you take up the northern West region, you will meet there the Glumstone the giant. 

As you keep on exploring the island, you will see “The Graveyard,” where you have to search the hidden bosses and fight them, and then you will see a dangling ladder on the shoreside of the island, which will take you to the “floating castle.”

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The island is divided into different regions, and each region either has a boss or a hidden boss whom you have to fight off and win the battle. 

As you proceed further, you have to collect another ingredient from the igloo-like house on the island.

You will firstly find one of the bosses is the Mortimer Freeze.

To fight off and win the battles with the bosses you have attempted multiple times if you lack skills and tact.

Other than that, it will be an adventure game fight with them. 

We have got you the list of bosses you will encounter in the Inkwell Isle IV Cuphead DLC. 

  • Glumstone the Giant 
  • Moonshine Mob
  • Mortimer Freeze 
  • Angel and Devil(hidden bosses) 
  • The Howling Aces 
  • Esther Winchester 
  • Chef Saltbaker. 

If you are a new player to the Cuphead DLC and don’t know how to unlock the game, you have to first know about the old game, and in addition, you have to fight off the Mausoleum from any Isle(out of the four Inkwell Islands).

All the levels will be held in the given list of ‘islands” in the game, which will help you to take a brief overview of all the islands in Cuphead.

They are as follows. 

Inkwell Isle I

You will find Inkwell Isle I at the start of the game.

It’s the home to Mugman and Cuphead.

In the game here, they have to fight enemies to complete a few of the tasks to remove the obligation(debt) they are in from the Devil.

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In Inkwell Isle I level, you will be fighting the first boss of Cuphead DLC, which is the “Botanic Panic.”

Then you have to defeat the other bosses and then complete Run and Gun both the parts and “Mausoleum I,” which plays the “most important part” for you to move to Inkwell Isle II that will then enable you to cross the river and activate the DLC level and then unlock Ms.


If you are new to the game, you can check if you are going right by reading the below paragraphs.

Prior to defeating the Mausoleum, you have to reach the place where you will find the “Run and Gun: Forest Follies” you will come across a diamond-like symbol where you will get the Run and Gun.

When you finish the Run and Gun, you will see “a bridge” on the east side.

Follow the bridge and then go in the south direction, where you will find the Mausoleum(concrete structure).

You have to make sure that the airy spirits don’t reach the arena before you. 

When you complete the mausoleum, you will see the concrete structure crumbling, indicating that it has been overthrown. 

As soon as it crumbles down, you will see the NPC(in purple) standing at the edge with an oar and with a ferry.

Talk with the NPC and get into the ferry, which will take you to the main island that is Inkwell Isle IV, the start of DLC gameplay.

The ferry will leave you on the deck where you will meet Ms.

Chalice’s ghost, and she will guide you to where you have to go next.

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You will find the following places in Isle IV, are as follows

  • The town square is the first place that you will come across or go to.
  • The Porkrind’s Emporium is the inventory shop in the DLC. 
  • The underground city  
  • The lighthouse region with an aircraft (it’s near the graveyard) 
  • To the east, you will find the “Icy Stadium” with an igloo 
  • To the south, you will see the only desert of Cuphead DLC.
  • The mountains where you will fight off your first boss 
  • And lastly, you will get a secret level near the graveyard. 

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By now, you must know that to have the full thrill and adventure ride of the Cuphead game.

You can also play the old game with all its levels.

You don’t have to defeat the original game, but it is recommended to get a better taste, every new player must try the base game. 

Every island and every part of the island has a boss.

The battles are amazing, no matter if you win or lose. 

The minute details in the islands will help you to pave the path for the next levels.

We hope the article has helped you to know about the Cuphead DLC island. 

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