What Does DLC Mean In Cuphead & Is Cuphead DLC 3 Player?

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After the massive success of Cuphead, the second version is one of the most awaited video games is the Cuphead DLC, which was previously supposed to be released in the year 2019. Due to some reason, its release date was extended to June 22, 2022. 

Quite many people are keen to know what the DLC in Cuphead means. Let us take a brief overview of what DLC means in Cuphead and learn how many hours it takes to play the Cuphead game. Let’s dive in.

What Does DLC Mean In Cuphead?

DLC stands for Delicious Last Course and is the second chapter/game of the original game titled Cuphead. You don’t have to eat any last meal in the game.

Here you have to play by fighting battles with all the bosses in an amazing animated plot and earn rewards.

You will have bosses like the cow head, evil gnomes, and the many devils in the game. Since it’s an action cartoon game, it will give you the sense of an ongoing relic aesthetic fight.  

Is Cuphead DLC 3 Player?

No, Cuphead DLC is not a three-player game. The game can only be played by one to two players at most.

After the game had added a new character, several players thought that now three players would be able to play the game. However, that is not the case.

Ms. Chalice’s entry did not expand the players’ numbers; Mugman and Cuphead are still the two main characters. 

If you have already played the game with the latest update, you will notice that the newly added character exchanges itself with the old characters, thereby making only two-player places.

Probably after the developers have added more areas to the existing map and have added new levels, Cuphead DLC can be a three-player game. 

How Long Is Cuphead DLC 

In general, it takes six hours to complete the Cuphead DLC game. 

It depends on the player’s skill to defeat the bosses, someone who is good at it will take less than six hours, and for players who are new to the attacks, fights and plot will take a longer time which is normal.

It may seem as if the game would end in a couple of hours but when you start playing, defeating the twelve bosses is a time-consuming task. 

First, the players have to upgrade for Cuphead, and secondly, they have to find out the hidden bosses. Searching and going through the entire game map may take hours.

In addition, there were many newly added features, and the developers have extended the time for the gameplay so that the players can be intrigued with the small details, the dynamic bosses, and an impressive visual plot. 

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The Cuphead DLC is the second version of the original game Cuphead. DLC means “Delicious White Course.”

The game has become more interesting and visually dynamic, and new weapons and a character have been introduced, which made the players more intrigued about the game and keened about its release date and details.

If you haven’t played the game yet, it’s available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. 

Sadly, the DLC Cuphead is not a three-player game. Although a new character has been added, only one-two players can play the game like the previous edition of the game. The game roughly takes six hours to be completed.

Nevertheless, it depends on the players’ aptitude and tact to fight the bosses. We hope this article has helped you to know what DLC means in Cuphead and how many players and hours it takes to complete the game.