Cuphead DLC Bosses Ranked: Hardest To Easiest

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Cuphead fans have been waiting for the update on the game for a long time now.

This long wait came to an end with Delicious last course, which is the latest update of the Cuphead game.

Along with exciting characters, many new and powerful bosses will accompany you on this journey.

These bosses are very hard to defeat, and hence you must know everything about these bosses before you encounter them.

Cuphead DLC Bosses Ranked

You can defeat the bosses easily if you know what they are capable of doing and how they attack you.

We have ranked the Cuphead DLC bosses based on the difficulty level, i.e., how hard they are to defeat whenever encountered.

1. Chef Saltbaker

Chef Saltbaker is the final boss of Delicious last course for now. Hence, it is the hardest boss to defeat.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind while fighting with Chef Saltbake is you will need a lot of time on your hands as the duration of this fight is the longest of every other fight during the game. 

The quality of Chef Saltbake is that it comes with the capability of creating different death zones in various ways that will leave you exhausted and helpless in the end.

Hence, make sure that while entering this fight, you are ready to fight till the end for a longer time.

Various death zones with flames, saw blades, etc., Chef Saltbake never fails to surprise you. Also, all the things sent your way will be high in frequency and back to back. 

Chef Saltbake will not give you a chance to sit back and relax. With every two obstacles you are dealing with already, this boss will throw another one in your face to solve. 

Although the Chef Saltbake fight is dangerous and lengthy, towards the end, you will feel that this long fight is worth it. But make sure you reach the last phase to experience the end of this fight and lesser projectiles.

2. Esther Winchester

You will have your one and only Vehicle-based fight with Esther Winchester. Esther Winchester is capable of filling your screen with various strokes and attacks that you will find very hard to doge Or save yourselves from. 

Gamers who find it easy to fly around the game to dodge the attacks will also find Esther Winchester quite difficult to defeat.

Esther boss will continuously throw different projectiles at you from which you can not save yourself easily.

Especially the beginning and the three phases from the start are highly difficult for the gamers, given the complexity of the projectiles sent to you by the Esther boss.

The most dangerous and difficult of all is the final phase of this fight. You will have to save yourself from many more projectiles and keep on moving to enter the safe zones.

These safe zones will take you to a huge sausage that constantly moves to and fro in an upward and downward direction on the phone. 

This is where you need to be most careful and avoid any errors. Defeating this boss requires a specific set of skills and thus, becomes difficult for all gamers. Make sure you are ready to face this boss and have an appropriate set of skills to save yourself.

3. The Moonshine Mob

Although the overall scenario of the fight with the Moonshine mob is creative and pleasing to the eyes of the gamer, the difficulty level of this game is also high.

Do not get blinded by the setup, as it is highly difficult to defeat the Moonshine mob as well.

You will have to clear different phases during the game to ensure that you are able to defeat the Moonshine mob is for good. 

However, each phase of this fight is no less than a boss battle itself. Now, in the first phase of this fight, you will encounter a poisonous spider with the capabilities of throwing creative yet dangerous tactics at you. 

Also, by throwing poisonous webs all over the battle space, the Moonshine mob will ensure that you get the minimum safe zone for yourself.

Another enemy you should stay clear of is the ant police that will attack you with poisonous pesticides.

Once you defeat the ant police, you will enter the second phase of this fight. In the second phase, you will have to deal with the phonograph that will shoot beams in all directions giving you a minimum window to save yourself. 

Not only this, but with these harmful beams, you will have to avoid and dodge dancing barrels coming from either side of your screen.

After you carefully manage your way out of it, you will enter the third phase, where a huge anteater awaits you with its tiny hitbox. 

Maintain your game and move on to the fourth and final phase of this battle. Just above the defeated anteater, you will find the snail.

Although you can easily defeat this snail with a few hits but make sure you do not fall for any of its projectiles.

Before entering this battle, make sure your layout is a proper phase-wise plan to defeat the Moonshine mob.

4. Glumstone The Giant

You will encounter Glumstone the Giant earlier in the game, yet, it stands on the fourth rank when it comes to the hardest bosses to defeat in the Delicious last course chapter.

You will understand why Glumstone the Giant stands on the 4th rank as soon as you enter the first phase of this fight. 

This phase comes with dual attacks as you will have to regularly dodge the beams or projectiles coming your way, along with a need to switch the land position continuously.

This is because during phase one of this fight, the land lies in a lava situation, or simply put, the land has a tendency to sink whenever you stand on it for a longer time. 

To make things more difficult for the gamer, Glumstone the Giant will pull the “cat card” and remove the diminishing chances for you to get into a safe zone and breathe.

Once you successfully cross this phase, the second phase is not easy too. During the second phase, the Glumstone itself attacks you from both sides on the screen.

When you get attacked from both sides in the form of hand puppets and a ball between them, it gets highly difficult to dodge. 

You might find the third phase of this fight weird. During this phase, you will have to fight the boss from within, Physically within.

You will have to shoot the boss’s stomach from the inside. Also, you will have to constantly change your platforms as they keep on disappearing. 

For the final phase, you will have to be patient and face the boss with the utmost energy. This might be the biggest challenge of this phase, as till the 4th phase, all a gamer could think about is how soon this battle will end.

5. Mortimer Freeze

The fifth-ranked boss, based on the difficulty you will have to defeat, is Mortimer Freeze.

You do not need any specific set of skills to win over the Mortimer freeze boss, and your traditional gaming mechanics will do the trick.

However, many players find this a drawback of Mortimer Freeze. Although throughout the phases of this battle with Mortimer freeze, you will have to face the regular boss encounters, you must be aware of the tricks that will help you through them.

Initially, when you go to the first phase of the fight, you will find it easy to save yourself from shooting projectiles like a regular boss, whereas the second phase has a lot to offer. 

In the second phase, the boss calls a massive snow golem that comes with Extraordinary shape-shifting abilities and is able to attack you in different patterns.

Once you defeat this was enough to enter into the 3rd phase, you will encounter an entirely different situation. 

Here you will have to dodge the hindrances while bouncing from one platform to another, which is already rotating.

To defeat Mortimer Freeze and complete all your faces easily, you will have to monitor the projectile pattern during each phase carefully and react responsibly.

6. The Howling Aces

The Howling Aces is not a very hard boss to defeat in Delicious last course. However, still difficult for a few of them out there.

Physically, The Howling Aces will not frighten you or seem difficult to fight or defeat. But do not underestimate the overall performance of The Howling Aces. 

This fight is staged on the top of the wings of the plane. Thus, this restricts much movement throughout the area. Make sure that you have to dodge all the projections in this limited area. 

The initial phases are easy and can be dealt with easily. However, for the final phase of this fight, the screen gets rotated, which becomes highly inconvenient and difficult to fight on.

Every time the screen rotates, you will have to fight from a whole new perspective which can be quite difficult.

As soon as you understand the dynamics of the rotating screen, it becomes easier to defeat The Howling Aces and win over this phase as well. You need two main skills, i.e., patience and regular practice of the moves, and this will help you to win easily and defeat The Howling Aces.

7. The Angel And Devil

The angle and devil is the name of the secret boss in DLC. Given that The angle and devil is a secret boss, the difficulty level is lesser than expected by the gamers. Defeating the angel and devil boss is not very difficult but is unique for gamers. 

The unique perspective of The angle and devil fight is that during the fight, the devil faces you from the front, whereas the angel stays behind your back.

Whenever the gamer turns and attempts to look at the angel, it turns itself into the devil. 

Devil is the one you have to defeat here and must notice. Carefully monitor your position concerning the devil to ensure that you can kill them easily. You have to closely monitor the harmless and harmful projectiles based on their sources.

Once you get the hook or the main key to this fight, you will easily defeat The angle and devil without any extra effort. Also, recovering from different attacks during the fight is easy for gamers. 

One of the most distracting components of this fight is the lightning cloud that roams around the area. There are no high-frequency projectiles in this game.

Thus, you can simply monitor the game carefully and take all the necessary actions to win and defeat the boss.

8. The King’s Leap

The King’s Leap is simply a combination of different fights against different bosses, including the pawns, the knight, the bishop, the rook, and the Queen bosses.

Although you will have to fight these battles individually, the overall theme of these fights falls in the same category. 

The fight visuals of these fights are extraordinary and very creative for the users. The effects and bosses of these fights are easy to defeat yet can be annoying sometimes.

These bosses individually offer a lot to the gamers and can be highly creative in their attacking approach. However, defeating them does not require any extra set of skills.

The parry mechanics of these fights are the only difficult components you have to face, but, as a gamer, if you are efficient in parry mechanics as well, these bosses are easiest to defeat and conquer.

The theme of these fights and bosses match with each other, and hence, defeating a level is approximately the same.

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The Delicious last course is the latest chapter of Cupheads.  DLC offers several bosses, and each boss comes with different capabilities.

However, to defeat every boss, you will have to acquire a certain set of skills or know the appropriate techniques to defeat the bosses carefully.

Keep in mind that the more difficult it is to defeat a certain boss, you will have to be extra careful and patient while dealing with them.