Cuphead DLC Weapons 

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Cuphead: Delicious last course has been reaching height since its release date. Every player is eager to know what are the newly added weapons in the game to combat the vigorous twelve bosses. 

In this article, we will take a brief view on what are the weapons in Cuphead DLC to fight the enemies and bosses and come in each level. Let’s get started.   

Cuphead DLC Weapons

The three major and newly added weapons in Cuphead DLC are Twist-up, Crackshot, and Converge. 

Here’s a detailed note for each of them. They are as follows 

1. Twist-Up 

Twist-up is when you to shot towards an enemy or boss, and the bullets move up in the tornado direction. It got its name for the way it moves(a pathway for the bullets).

Often it is used to target a large crowd instead of an individual target as it misses out on that particular target.

Twist-up, unlike Crackshot and converge, is not very effective. It has a mild effect on the enemies in Cuphead DLC. 

2. Crack Shot 

The crack shot is quite similar to the converge weapon in Cuphead DLC. When you use it, the beam works as bullets even though, at times, it can miss the target, but some of the bullets will hit the enemies.

When you use the crack shot, first, it will come out as a thick glare-like beam, and then this beam will divide itself into bullets.

Not all of them will target the boss, but some of them will hit the target, which means you will always get a result whenever you use it. It’s the most effective weapon after converge. 

3. Converge 

Converge is a yellow light horizontal beam in the form of bullets. It’s the perfect weapon in Cuphead DLC to kill(target) the bosses and enemies in one shot.

The beam light divides itself in three different directions. Mostly it is used for attacking enemies which can fly or kill aerial creatures. 

You can long-press the “lock button” to adjust the bullet/beam width. You will need the converge weapon in almost all the levels of the Cuphead DLC to win the combats and turbulent fights with the bosses and enemies.  

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To fight the twelve bosses and their mob, Mugman and Cuphead have three more recently added weapons or attacks like the Twist-Up, which can be used to attack the crowd of enemies, the bullets here have a twist up the pathway, which is a drawback of this weapon however it acts threat spam to the opponents. 

Converge and Crackshot are very similar to each other only difference is that converge is a straight-line yellow color beam that does not change itself into bullets and is directed in three varying directions.

Whereas Crackshot is a thick rod-like beam that divides itself like bullets. 

To target the individual boss, you can always opt for Converge and Crackshot as they have more accurate shots and have been more effective than Twist-Up, which can be used for the crowd.

We hope this article has helped you to know what weapons you will find in the Cuphead DLC game.