Cuphead DLC Graveyard Puzzle & All Solutions

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If you’re experiencing trouble figuring out how to solve the graveyard puzzle, you’ve landed at the right spot.

Here is every piece of information the player requires to solve The Cuphead DLC’s graveyard puzzle. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Cuphead DLC Graveyard Puzzle 

After defeating the first few bosses in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, players can find a new island that contains a graveyard puzzle.

You’ll require a specific object from the Porkrind Emporium to finish the graveyard puzzle. 

It’s not as easy as just telling you which players to interact with because each player’s tombstone pattern is unique.

After completing the graveyard challenge, one of the new DLC’s hidden accomplishments or trophies requires you to make it through a Nightmare.

Cuphead DLC Graveyard Puzzle All Solution

Firstly, you must unlock the “Howling Aces” sector of the overworld map in order to access Delicious Last Course’s hidden boss battle. 

Then you need to defeat the DLC’s first two bosses in order to access that region. Although each of those bosses is undoubtedly challenging, you should be able to defeat them all and get to that location quite early on in the game.

Once you have gained entrance to the Howling Aces zone, search the overworld map for a small graveyard location with nine tombstones.

A phantom detective is present near those gravestones and makes the strong claim that the cemetery is home to a mystery. In fact, it does, but you won’t be able to figure it out.

Instead, you should go to the adjacent store and get the just-released Broken Relic item. Once you have it, proceed to the area of Glumstone the Giant and look for three climbers perched atop a podium. Each of them will describe their adventure to you if you speak with them.

The hard part comes at this point. They leave clues in the narrative as to which gravestones in the cemetery the player needs to interact with and in what order.

The issue is that each player receives a different set of hints, along with the “tombstone sequence” they reveal. 

Therefore, ignore suggestions from other players who say that there is a specific order in which you must activate the tombstones.

It’s possible that you’ll be fortunate and receive the same sequence as them, but it’s more probable that your answer will be subtly different.

The best course of action is to instead keep a closer eye on the positional “keywords” climbers use to describe their experiences.

Therefore, if the climber in the first position claims that their competitors were “left down at the bottom,” they are most likely informing you that you must first communicate with the tombstone at the graveyard’s bottom left. 

The second gravestone the player needs to interact with could be the highest one to the far right if the climber in second place describes waking up “just at the crack of dawn.”

It’s possible that the third gravestone will make the statement, “It ain’t right they came in third,” indicating that it is one of the stones that stands to the right. 

Again, this section of the graveyard puzzle can be challenging because there is no clear answer and the hints are written in such an unusual way. 

The only phrases that are truly important in their dialogue are those that suggest a specific direction;

therefore, you need to understand that each climber’s location on the podium correlates to the sequence in which you need to interact with the gravestones.

For whatever it’s worth, it also appears that the climber is referring to the center gravestone in all of his hints. Or, begin and reset at the central tombstone every time. 

Climb upward to the right from the middle tombstone and engage with that gravestone first if the first riser provides the directions “up and right.”

Interact with the gravestone directly to the left of the center one if the second mentions only the word “left.” 

Although this theory is not been thoroughly examined with all of the clues yet, they all seem to point toward the idea that the wisest course of action is to start over at the center tombstone before proceeding with the next set of instructions.

When you think you have gotten the answer, take on the Broken Relic and engage with the tombstones in the manner you believe is best.

If everything went according to plan, the middle tombstone will light up and allow you to interact with it which reveals a hidden boss.

The Broken Relic will then be upgraded to the Cursed Relic, which is its true form, after defeating the boss. The graveyard puzzle has been solved as a result.

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If you are an adventurous player, you should definitely not miss out on this masterpiece.

The graveyard puzzle in Cuphead DLC will undoubtedly provide every game lover with the extra challenge they would crave for. 

Hope the stepwise instructions that are mentioned below help you get a clear idea about solving the graveyard puzzle in The Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course