Cuphead DLC Cursed Relic

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The creators of Cuphead’s DLC finally unveil several mysteries after years of work. Fans of Cuphead who do their research will discover that the object eventually turns into the Cursed Relic and connects to the elusive Paladin achievement or trophy.

Here is a brief guide explaining the Cursed Relic and its use in Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course DLC.

What Is Cursed Relic In Cuphead DLC?

Cursed Relic in Cuphead DLC is an item that the player needs in order to complete the “Paladin” quest.

One must first acquire the Broken Relic from the DLC store so that, furthermore, the player can turn it into the cursed relic. It cost you only a coin. 

The three competition winners on the global map must first be interacted with. The player has to get in touch with the winners of the first, second, and third places.

The directions that were mentioned in their conversation should be taken notice of.

The hidden code can be deciphered using terms like “Up Right,” “Down Left,” and “Up.” The instructions are randomly chosen.

In the order specified, engage with the nine tombstones in the cemetery. Your broken relic becomes a cursed relic after you defeat the boss.

A ghost will materialise if you interact with the appropriate grave. A portal will emerge in the middle of the cemetery if you manage to get all 3 in the proper order.

The Cursed Relic can be obtained by defeating the boss.

What Does The Cursed Relic Do In Cuphead DLC?

In Cuphead DLC, Cursed Relic is necessary for the player to equip while fighting with DLC bosses. Cursed Relic helps the player in completing the “Paladin” quest.

After acquiring the Cursed Relic, let’s explore what power it actually possesses.

The following are the various modifications that will be imposed on you after you equip it:

  • The player’s HP is set to 1.
  • When using the following: EX attack, pause the attack, and dashing, your weapons and charms are randomized.
  • The player also receives an additional +1 HP for every x3 Parries.
  • The player’s character is surrounded by a purple effect.

Simply said, the Cursed Relic is cursed and not intended to be of use to you, as it states on the relic.

StudioMDHR is not entirely sadistic, though, and using it in the heat of battle can be advantageous.

In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, Paladin is a trophy/achievement in the DLC that simply states, “Acquire enormous power.”

Without explanation, this is clearly a little difficult to understand, so the only thing you really need to do is fight the DLC bosses while wearing the Cursed Relic.

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The small guide consists of every bit of information that the player needs to know about the Cursed Relic.

Hope, that switching the broken relic into this unique and strange charm that is a cursed relic makes your play a lot more fun and exciting