Cuphead DLC Final Boss: Chef Saltbaker

Cuphead DLC Final Boss Chef Saltbaker

The release of Cuphead DLC introduces Ms. Chalice, equipped with new features and abilities to join Mugman and Cuphead in their adventures.

The players are required to face several new bosses. The new game brings out new bosses that are bigger than before and stronger than you expect. 

The final battle against the final boss is considered quite difficult. To meet and fight the final boss, you require to face the challenges with all the other main bosses but not necessarily the parrying challenges.

Cuphead DLC Final Boss

Chef Saltbaker is Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course’s secret major adversary and final boss. He also owns and operates his own bakery.

The seemingly friendly NPC will turn out to be the game’s villain and your last fight.

Ms. Chalice will leave you a note indicating that you should contact Chef Saltbaker so he can create the “wondertart” using everything you have gathered after you have collected all of the ingredients by defeating the various key monsters in the game.

Cuphead DLC Final Boss Fight

When you start your final fight with the Final Boss, you will be facing Chef Saltbaker. To beat the final boss, the process is broken down into four stages:

Chef Saltbaker Phase 1

You have to take note of the body language of the Final boss to understand which attack he is going to do. You have to do this while the fireballs are flying around.

The players will be standing on a big wooden table, and Chef Saltbaker will be seen in the background. The 1st stage is quite difficult as you require to polish your dodging skills to win this round.

This is a brief of attacks that help you get a hint and dodge them when you face Chef Saltbaker.

  • Dough– the dough is used for baking some animal crackers, which will be attacking you from the side Chef Saltbaker is standing. The crackers can be defeated with one shot, and remember, they move in tall arcs.
  • Limes– the limes slices will be thrown by Chef Saltbaker from the direction he is standing in. The slices rush horizontally across the screen, and then they ascend or descend. To dodge these attacks, you either duck or jump over these slices.
  • Strawberries– When Chef Saltbaker squeezes a box of these berries, they will swiftly move across your screen, mainly from the right angle at the top.
  • Sugar- the Chef saltbaker will make small cubes of sugar from a big one to attack you. These cubes will fly across the screen, which need to be dodged by the players.

Chef Saltbaker Phase 2

In phase 2, you will find yourself in the hand of Chef Saltbaker. 

  • There will be pepper shakers appearing on the sides of the screen to attack you; beware of them.
  • There are four shakers, two on each side. These shakers attack while taking turns. Hit the shaker to damage it. After enough damage is done, the shaker will move access to the Chef Salbakers face.
  • The pepper shaker will make a sneeze before they start their attack. Take this hint and be ready as the attacks will be aimed directly at you.
  • Meanwhile, keep track of Chef Salbakers hand, which will sprinkle some herbs on you. You can take the protection of the leaves that will float down.

Chef Saltbaker Phase 3

Phase 3 will bring you some relief in terms of difficulty. Herein you will find yourself in the salt field. 

  • You will see the dancers made out of salt moving around along with some blades which move across the salt field from left direction to right.  
  • To beat, the dancers take direct shots at them.
  • Dodge the blades that are moving around.

Chef Saltbaker Phase 4

Phase 4 marks the final round of the final battle. 

  • You will encounter two pillars of salt on each side. There is sprinkling on glass bits between these pillars. Lastly, you will encounter a heart of pink color between the pillars.
  • Climb the glass pieces to move up.
  • You will have to utilize your double jumping power to climb up the glass pieces.
  • Watch out for the heart. It will cause damage if you come too close. You can parry the heart till the time it is pink; however, it will turn gray soon.

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Cuphead DLC brings out exciting bosses making players very keen to meet the final boss in the final fight. To win the final fight, we have divided it into four phases.

This division will help you tackle every difficulty with a bit of ease. We have listed out the cue for the body language of Chef Saltbaker.

This is very important because it will help you understand which attack is on your way.