Cuphead DLC Broken Relic & Its Puzzle

Cuphead DLC 3

With the recent release of Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course DLC, the game now has a tonne of new places to explore and new characters and challenges to face.

You’ve come to the right place if you also want to learn about the functionalities of Broken Relic in Cuphead DLC and how to tackle its puzzles. This small guide consists of all the information you require for the Cuphead DLC, Broken Relic. 

What Is Broken Relic In Cuphead DLC?

In the Cuphead DLC, the Broken Relic is a playable item that costs one coin to purchase from Prokrind’s Emporium. You might have missed the Broken Relic if you haven’t been to Porkrind’s Emporium. 

The Broken Relic will immediately show up in your inventory at the moment you purchase it. Players must take the Broken Relic from the menu after buying it in order to use it in the future. This item, which costs a coin, allows players to access a different adventure. 

Players technically have to find it out on their own because the game won’t advise you what to do after buying the Broken Relic.

What Does The Broken Relic Do In Cuphead DLC?

When players equip the Broken Relic, two advancements—A Horrible Night to Have a Curse and Paladin—can be unlocked. Using the Broken Relic item from the Cuphead Delicious Last Course DLC, you can fix the tombstone issue in the Howling Aces zone.

The players first have to look for the three characters nearby the shop who are perched on a pedestal. One in the center took first place, one to the left took second, and one to the right took third. 

The graveyard riddle must be solved by considering where they are placed. The player should interact with them to reveal a hidden boss battle before they begin the challenge. 

Each player’s dialogue will be unique. Speaking to each character in the sequence of their standing (first, second, third) will yield a different hint for the graveyard problem. 

One of the hints is to go behind the store and keep heading left if you don’t have any money for whatever reason. In the backyard of the bakery, near a house, is a hidden coin. 

This will impact your approach to the graveyard challenge. Before you continue with the problem, make a note of what all the characters ought to say, and then proceed to the nearby gravestone.

Cuphead DLC Broken Relic Puzzle

Move toward the cemetery’s middle area and opt. The stones that correspond to the characters’ speeches are on the pedestal.

While solving the Broken Relic puzzle, words like “top” and “left” will tell you which gravestones to choose.

When you solve the Broken Relic puzzle, a prompt will appear asking if you’d want to take a rest. Once you agree to it, you’ll be able to take on a mysterious boss. 

The achievement of “A Horrible Night to Have a Curse” can be unlocked by eliminating this boss. The Broken Relic transforms into the Cursed Relic following this encounter.

Players will only have one life point after equipping a Cursed Relic, and every time the player shoot, their weaponry and its direction will also alter randomly. 

The Paladin achievement may be obtained by defeating every boss In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course while wearing the Cursed Relic. Hence, the puzzle is solved. 

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But the core content and some of the brand-new hidden features can be experienced without needing an explanation.

However, if you don’t have the time to figure out the Broken Relic’s mystery, the guide above will help you finish the Broken Relic arc quickly.

So, that’s all there is to know about the Broken Relic’s actions In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.