Dead By Daylight: Cheats & Hacks

Dead By Daylight Cheats

Dead by Daylight is a survival and fighting game that is of the genre horror and comes under asymmetric multiplayer game.

Dead by Daylight was developed by Behaviour Interactive and was released in June 2016.

The player has to act as a savage killer in the game who has to fight and sacrifice the other four survivors. This sacrifice needs to be done for the entity or the malevolent force.

Dead By Daylight can be played on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows, and now comes an iOS and android application as well.

Dead By Daylight Cheats

Dead By Daylight cheats work best for the PC version of the game, as applying or using them on any gaming console may be difficult and frustrating. 

1. Invincibility Cheat

Invincibility cheat helps you attain invisibility so that if you are the killer, then you can easily find the location of the survivors easily and won’t be visible to them.

And if you are the survivor, then you can hide from the killer.

2. Slowing Down Speed Cheat

Slowing down speed cheat helps you to slow down the game if you find the game to be too fast, which then helps you to play the game in a better manner.

3. Alert Cheats

Alert cheat helps the survivor in escaping as it makes the location of the killer visible to the survivor for five seconds.

Alert cheat acts as a warning, and it enables when the killer performs a break action.

4. The Speed Enhancing Cheat

The Speed enhancing cheat enhances your speed and lets you escape from the killer.

The Speed enhancing cheat comes in handy if you are the survivor and are escaping from the killer.

Dead By Daylight Hacks

1. Aimbot

Aimbot can be used on other games as well, and many might as well be familiar with this hack. It ensures that the player hits the target from a distance as well.

Aimbot works at strengthening and polishing your aim to be hit at the right target. 

Aimbot enables you to stand at a single spot and aim your projectile, but this is visible, which poses a threat of reporting and getting caught.

But by adjusting the strength, you can save yourself from getting caught.

1. ESP

ESP is a short abbreviation for extra sensory perception. It allows the users to see all the hidden objects that are not visible. If you are the killer, then you may be able to see the locations of the survivors, the exit points, and the generators. 

And if you’re playing as the survivor, then you may be able to see the location of the killer, the generator, and all the exit points. ESP gives you an edge and makes you win more rounds. 

Moreover, ESP gives you the advantage of customizing things according to your own advantage and needs. You have to be careful so that nobody sees and reports you.

2. OP Hacks

OP Hacks increases or enhances the stats and specifications of the characters. OP Hack makes you safe and invulnerable to damage.

If you are playing as a killer, then these Op hacks may be frustrating for you. But you have to make sure you are not being watched as this hack can be easily caught and reported.

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Dead By Daylight is a survival horror game that involves a killer fighting and sacrificing four survivors.

This game can be played on many platforms like Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

The hacks that can be applied to the PC version of this game are ESP hacks, Aimbot hacks, and OP hacks.