How To Get To Caravan Island In Raft?


There’s more to the Raft game world than traveling through it on a Raft. You will have to set your foot on the land from time to time.

These parts of the land are unique storehouses of important resources and loot boxes that you might require to move ahead in the game. One such place is Caravan Island. 

You are introduced to its existence in the second chapter of the game, and you know what the cherry-on-the-top information is?.

This island is home to a plethora of unique items, notes, and blueprints. You will need to survive in the game and emerge as an ace player.

How To Get To Caravan Island In Raft?

Steps To Get To Caravan Island In Raft:

Step 1: Open your journal on your Raft account.

Step 2: Find the coordinates of the Caravan Island on the journal. It will be marked by the code “2021”.

Step 3: Type in the code “2021” on your game world’s navigator, and use the coordinates to sail towards Caravan Island. Follow the location of Caravan Island on your radar, and you will surely reach the spot.

Step 4: Once you reach the place, dock your Raft beside the sign that says “Kafilah Town”.

Now, you can take a trip around the island and search for exciting in-game items.

Upon entering Caravan Island in the Raft game world, you will enter a modest community named Caravan Town on the Island.

The Island comprises three zeniths attached by zip lines and engineered overpasses. When you enter this Island, you’ll need to finish a few challenges-

  • Finding Battery Charger Parts for Battery Charger, 
  • Finding Zipline Parts for Zipline Tool, 
  • Finding keys for Mayor’s Chest, 
  • Finding blueprints,
  • Finding ten notes.

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Raft Caravan Island Code

Raft Caravan Island code is 2021.


Caravan Island is a land of exciting opportunities. Use the above steps to locate the area and win several unique in-game items, and survive this game successfully!!