Raft: Dry Brick, Glass, Wool


Raft is an oceanic survival game, several teenagers and adults have been growing keen interest in the game.

The plot of the game is set on an ocean where you have to make necessary equipment using the basic materials that are available on the ocean and islands. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the essential items like the Dry Brick, Glass, and Wool. And how we can go about making the dry brick on the raft, creating glass, and how we can get the wool. Let’s dive in.

How To Make Dry Brick In Raft?

Steps To Make Dry Brick In Raft:

Step 1:  Get The Sand, Clay 

The first thing you have to do is to get clay and sand. To get clay, you have to move your raft near an island and then dive into the water and collect the clay nodes near the corals for sand.

You have simply found the two stone structures and jumped into the water and used your hook to get the sand. 

Step 2: Go To Your Research Table 

Next, get back onto your boat and then move towards the research table and open inventory and go to the resource section and type in clay and sand on the search bar, and tap on “Research.” And get two sand and two clay from the inventory. 

Step 3:  Get Them Unlocked 

The clay and sand that you have collected have been stored in your inventory. Once you have clicked on the research tab after you enter the name, you have to unlock the ” wet bricks” you will see the options on the tab of wet bricks.

 Do not type on the search bar under the inventory heading “clay and sand” together. You have to type their name individually. 

Step 4: Set The Wet Bricks On The Raft 

Once done, get the unlocked wet bricks (unlock a minimum of six wet bricks) and place them on your raft. Make sure you don’t keep them on the edge of your boat. The sharks might take them away. 

Step 5: Pick Up The Dry Bricks 

Wait for five minutes or more and then go near your bricks and check if they are dry. Pick them up once all the six pieces of bricks have dried up. 

What Is The Use Of Dry Brick In Raft?

To make smelters and wet bricks. With the help of dry bricks, you can make the following item in the raft, they are:

  • Smelters, the most efficient use of dry brick, are used to make the smelters needed on your raft. You will need two sand pieces and two clay pieces to make the smelter on the raft.
  • Wet bricks, to make wet bricks, you need to have dry bricks. Without the dry bricks, you will not be able to create the wet bricks. In addition, with wet bricks, you can make dry bricks. This process takes only five minutes. 
  • The research table on your raft is made with dry bricks. If the players want to have a research table, they need to use the dry bricks. 

How To Get Glass In Raft?

Steps To Get Glass In Raft:

Step 1: Look For The Huge Stones 

From your desktop, open the game, and then from your raft, look for a massive stone structure near the water. 

Step 2: Dive Into The Water 

Once you find the two massive stone bodies, jump into the water and stay near the raft, you don’t have to swim to the ocean bed. 

Step 3: Collect The Sand 

Next, move near the stone. You will find the submerged stones on them, search for sand and collect them. Make sure you don’t collect very little sand because, with one piece of sand, you can make one glass only. 

Step 4: Place The Sand In The Smelter 

After that, store the stand in your inventory and then move back to your raft and go to the place where you have kept the smelter and place the sand into the furnace. 

Step 5: Wait For 60 Seconds 

You just have to wait for sixty seconds before your glass is ready. You will get a notification on the desktop screen to “pick up the glass” once it’s ready for your use. 

What Is The Use Of Glass In Raft?

To make Binoculars and purifiers, and others. Glass is one of the materials in the raft, which allows players to make other equipment for their raft. The appliances you can make with the glass are as follows: 

  • If you get four pieces of glass, you can make an (advanced) purifier. 
  • You can also make a set of binoculars with glass. 
  • If you are looking for an efficient window on your raft, then your wooden window is incomplete without using glass. You can also use glass to make glass windows. 
  • With the help of one glass, you can use it to get honey in the game. 

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How To Get Wool In Raft?

Steps To Get Wool In Raft:

Step 1: Dive Into The Water To Get Ammo Powder 

Launch the game, and then firstly, you have to dive into the ocean water to find the ammo powder(an explosive powder) needed for your ‘net caster’. 

Step 2: Shoot The Puffer Fish 

Secondly, when you dive into the water, look for the “puffer fish,” and before diving, take an arrow with you, so when you see the puffer fish, you have to shoot it with an arrow, and then the puffer fish will turn into explosive powder. 

Step 3: Look For The Llama

Secondly, get back to the raft and then, find the Llama and then shoot him on the island with the ‘net launcher'(you will get it from the inventory). 

Step 4: Move The Llama To Your Raft  

Thirdly, take the llama to your raft and keep some space for some grass so that the llama can eat later on. 

Step 5: Get A Pair Of Shear 

Next, use scrap metal and hinges, which will help you to make a pair of shear. Once you are done making the pair of shear, move close to the llama. 

Step 6: Go Close To The Llama To Shear His Wool 

Lastly, take the shear and go to the place where you have the Llama on the raft. Simply take the shear close to him and shear his wool. 

What Is The Use Of Wool In Raft? 

Wool is used in making significant pieces of equipment. You can make the following items with wool in Raft:

  • Leather Greaves is a piece of armor that protects the players in a fight.
  • A leather Helmet is a thicker armor when compared to leather greaves. It is used to shield the player’s head while fighting with an animal. 
  • Backpack allows players to broaden their inventory. 
  • Leather Body Armour safeguards the player’s body from any severe damage by twelve percent. It can bear thirty attacks before it shatters. 

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Dry brick, glass, and wool are some of the essential materials in the Raft, dry bricks allow players to make smelters(furnaces ), and glass help players to make glass windows, binoculars, and purifiers. Wool enables players to make equipment like leather helmets, leather body armor, etc.  

You must have noticed that to make glass and dry brick, you need to have clay and sand, and both the materials are found under the water.

To make the equipment, there should be sand and clay, and you have to wait for some particular time to make dry bricks, create glass, and shear the wool.