How To Get Clay And Sand In The Raft?


You have all survived boring summer vacations and even boring lectures. Now it’s time to figure out if you can survive the world of Raft. And you know what’s fun? It’s multiplayer, so you can enjoy the adventurous game with all your friends. 

If you are new to this game and you are clueless about where you can find the necessary tools to level up in the game, this article has your back!!

How To Get Clay In The Raft?

Clay in the game is often found in shallow underwaters. Once you have spotted it-

Step 1: Arm yourself with your Plastic Hook/ Throwing tool.

Step 2: Press down on the left-click on your mouse on the Clay.

Step 3: You have successfully gathered the clay.

What Is The Use Of Clay In Raft?

The clay in the game is extremely advantageous to the gamer to progress in the game. It has multiple uses.

The clay is helpful in building wet bricks, which are then dried to turn them into dry bricks that will help you to construct various things you will need to survive in the game.

It can help us build clay bowls and is also a significant ingredient in recipes like Healing Salves and Beehives. 

How To Get Sand In The Raft?

You can find sand at the ocean’s bottom, specifically near the picturesque islands in the game. 

Step 1: Arm yourself with a Hook

Step 2: Harvest the Sand with the hook.

What Is The Use Of Sand In Raft?

The sand in the game is used as a raw material to build wet bricks, which are then dried to turn them into dry bricks that are then used to make the legendary smelters.

Sand in these smelters can be used to build glass, which the gamers can use to build Binoculars and Advanced Purifiers.

Raft gamers need to get their hands on sand as it is the raw material to make essential goods in the game world


In the game, Sand and clay might look similar to each other, although the color of clay is a bit darker than Sand. They are often near the magnificent island reef areas in the game.

Gear yourself with your gaming spirit and your newfound knowledge about Raft from this article. 

You are also set to win over the unique world of Raft and enjoy all its ups and downs with your close friends. Have Fun!!