Raft: How To Get Bolts, Vine Goo?

Finding new ways to ace a game has always been exciting for gamers.

With Raft, a lot of unique and new things are possible in the game universe.

Certain rare goods are needed by ace gamers in the Raft world, like the bolt to build the finest upgraded tools. 

What Is The Use Of Bolts In Raft?

Bolts are the Raft world’s finest crafting substances and are used to build top-class tools that are needed to survive in the Raft game world.

It’s the main ingredient in the creation of upgraded tools like Spears, Fishing Rods, Clock, Hooks, and Antennas.

You will require an unlimited supply of bolts as they are needed to make these upgraded tools imperishable and efficient.  

How To Get Bolts In Raft?

There are two paths you can choose to follow to collect bolts-

Looking For Bolts On Raft

Search for bolts inside barrels found in currents, and arm yourself with a Hook to collect the bolts.

The barrels are a treasure trove of different resources alongside bolts.

You can also look for bolts inside Loot Boxes left on the islands.

Making Bolts From Scratch 

Tired of looking for bolts?

You can always make your own.  

Step 1: Acquire Metal

A rare substance in the game, metal is sometimes found underwater near the islands.

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Don’t forget to build your diving materials and use shark bait to keep those treacherous killers away from you.

Tap on the left-click on your mouse to mine the Metal.  

Step 2: Smelt The Acquired Metal

Place the metal ore inside a smelter.

The end result is an ingot. 

Step 3: Build A Bolt

By using one ingot, you can build one bolt.

To do this, place some mortar inside the smelter and leave it there till it warms up.

After that, pick the ingot and open the crafting pane.

Select “bolt,” and then tap on “craft.”

What Is The Use Of Vine Goo In Raft?

Vine Goo is one of the essential rare crafting substances in the Raft world that is used to make empty bottles (needed to store water), flippers, and circuit boards (a very important element that will help you succeed in the first few levels of the game), oxygen bottles, sweep net, cooking pots, and a basic bow, among other things.

The name “Vine Goo” may make the substance sound like something you don’t need in the long run to survive in the Raft game world, but it has a huge list of uses. 

How To Get Vine Goo In Raft?

Steps To Get Vine Goo In Raft:

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Step 1: Acquire Seaweed

An easily obtainable object in the Raft game world, seaweed is found close to the islands.

You can spot them popping out from the waters.

You might have to scour through multiple islands while looking for them.

You will have to dive into the water and get your hands on as much seaweed as possible. 

Step 2: Place The Seaweed In The Smelter

You will have to place the seaweed inside the smelter that you created with the help of dry bricks made from sand and clay.

You should also place some planks inside the smelter. 

Step 3: The Vine Goo Is Ready In A Few Seconds

Vine Goo is one such crafting substance in the game that is essential if you want to quickly cross the first few basic stages and become an ace in the game.

It is an unmistakable important ingredient of major substances that are required to level up in the Raft game world. 


With added knowledge about important elements you need to ace the first few stages in the Raft game world, you will surely fathom how important it is to acquire the seemingly unimportant Vine Goo.

About time you leveled up your game as a raft player?? 

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