How Does BeReal Make Money?


There are a plethora of social media apps out there in the market. They let you share pictures, videos, creative reels, stories, and varied content formats. But, with the social media platform, BeReal, things are a little different!!

You can post one picture daily at a stipulated time and can invite your near, and dear one’s on the app to do the same and have real-time conversations and react to the photos with quirky emojis.

It also posts regular challenges that the users can enjoy. The app uses its in-built camera to click the special moment of your day. 

How Does BeReal Make Money? 

The social media app, BeReal does not make money currently. It is financed by external investors for now.

The management has a unique thought behind why they haven’t monetized the app yet. They want to acquire a huge customer base, thus making the introduction of monetization on the app an easy process. 

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that platforms like Instagram and TikTok prioritize user growth before displaying advertisements in order to generate revenue.

After reaching billion users, they typically begin to monetize their audience. As a result, BeReal’s strategy for advertising might alter in the future.


The unique social media app has started its journey on a different note, setting itself apart from all the other social media apps currently famous on the world stage.

This might be the correct time to tune in to this new app and up your game because who knows how big a leap. 

BeReal might take in the next few years. It might just be monetized in the next few years. Monetizing pictures or even their exclusive challenges might be a part of the process. Look forward to how BeReal grows!!