What Is Bonus BeReal Memories

What Is Bonus BeReal Memories

BeReal is a new social media app that encourages users to be real. It’s a current photo sharing that is on the rise.

BeReal allows users to share what they’re doing at a random point in the day with their friends without any filters or editing.

BeReal users receive a notification at a random point in the day where they have two minutes to take a photo of what they’re currently doing.

BeReal is a social media app that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially among young people.

It is a platform that allows users to share their everyday life moments with friends and family, but what makes it unique is its feature of ‘Bonus Bereal.’

Bonus BeReal is an exciting feature of BeReal, which enables users to earn extra points for completing certain tasks or achievements.

What Are Bonus BeReal?


Bonus BeReal is a feature that allows you to share two additional BeReal posts per day, giving you the opportunity to share more of your life’s moments with your friends and followers.

To access this feature, you need to post your regular BeReal on time. Currently, Bonus BeReal is available in selected regions.

Here’s a quick guide to using Bonus BeReal:

  1. Ensure that you post your regular BeReal on time to unlock the Bonus BeReal feature.
  2. Once unlocked, you’ll see the option to post Bonus BeReal in the frame on the right side of your BeReal.
  3. If you miss the posting time, the Bonus BeReal option will be locked for the day, but you can try again the next day.
  4. To create a Bonus BeReal, tap the frame, open your camera, and capture the moment.
bonus bereal

How To Delete Bonus Bereal

Deleting a Bonus BeReal on BeReal is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Tap your Bonus BeReal to open it in full preview.
  • Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
  • Choose the delete option. 
  • Choose a reason for deleting your Bonus BeReal, and confirm.

Bonus BeReal Not Showing In Memories

According to BeReal moderators on the Reddit forum, the user data is safe, and it might take some time for the Bonus BeReal post to appear in the Memories section.

If your Bonus BeReal is not appearing in the Memories section of your BeReal app, it could be due to a technical issue or a bug within the app.

In such cases, it is recommended to wait for some time and try again later.

It is important to note that BeReal officials have not yet confirmed the exact cause of the issue.

Therefore, it’s best to stay patient and wait for the app to resolve the issue on its own.

How To See Friends Bonus BeReals

To see your friends’ Bonus BeReals on BeReal, you need to open the app and navigate to your feed.

If your friends have posted Bonus BeReals, their posts will appear at the top of your feed.

To view a friend’s Bonus BeReal, swipe left on their post.

This will bring up the full preview of their post, which you can then view and react to using RealMojis.

It’s worth noting that Bonus BeReal is a new feature on BeReal and is currently only available in selected regions.

So, if you don’t see any Bonus BeReals on your feed, it could be because the feature is not yet available in your region or your friends haven’t posted any Bonus BeReals yet.