The Cycle Frontier Best Weapons

The Cycle Frontoer best weapons

The Cycle Frontier is a video game developed in 2022 that revolves around shooting the enemies in a PvEvP environment.

In this game, you have to fight against the environment as well as other players, and that is where you might need the best weapons for scavenging and fighting against all the obstacles, which makes the game more suspicious and mysterious.

In this blog, you will find a list of the best guns/ weapons in The Cycle Frontier game that will help you fight against the environment as well as other players.

The Cycle Frontier Best Weapons

The Cycle Frontier Best Weapons are The Voltaic Brute SMG, C-36 Bolt Action Rifle, ICA Guarantee LMG, KM-9 Scrapper SMG, ASP Flechette Gun, Kinetic Arbiter DMG , AR 55 Autorifle, Hammer Revolver and KBR Longshot.

The Voltaic Brute SMG

The Voltaic Brute SMG comes with a great accuracy and fire rate, as it allows you to aim at the general direction of the target, and the rest is done by the gun itself as it has got no damage fall-off.

Moreover, it is easy to equip as it is cheaper. So, it is the best weapon you can get in The Cycle Frontier stash to shoot down your enemies.

C-36 Bolt Action Rifle

C-36 Bolt Action Rifle is one of the most rugged sniper rifles with increased base damage per shot. It enables you to have a one-shot headshot bump against enemies having low armor.

C-36 Bolt Action Rifle is cheaper and highly efficient to use. As it is a powerful sniper rifle, you need to be quick at aiming and position the gun to shoot down your enemies efficiently with great skill.

ICA Guarantee LMG

ICA Guarantee LMG comes with a great fire rate, high damage, mag capacity, and armor penetration but has got low accuracy.

ICA Guarantee LMG can help you kill enemies efficiently. It is made for both PvE and PvP modes as it works well in both modes.

As it is a hefty machine gun, it comes with a super loud sound which might prove to be fatal for you in the game while hiding from the enemy.

KM-9 Scrapper SMG

KM-9 Scrapper SMG has got a very high fire rate, but to shoot down an enemy, you need to have a very close association with your target.

The scrapper’s recoil is easy to control, and it is one of the cheapest weapons in The Cycle Frontier stash. Moreover, it has got a tremendous price-to-performance ratio.

ASP Flechette Gun

ASP Flechette Gun is similar to Voltaic Brute SMG and comes with the finest price-to-performance ratio among the guns in The Cycle Frontier game.

ASP Flechette Gun comes with a good fire rate with little recoil that can be controlled once you use it time and again. 

Kinetic Arbiter DMG

Kinetic Arbiter DMG is a reasonably balanced sniper rifle that comes with a great fire rate, armor penetration, and significant damage.

Kinetic Arbiter DMG is the best weapon that you can have to shoot down enemies with low armor. You need to position yourself very well while aiming to attack your enemy because it has got a very prominent tracer that may easily make you visible in front of your enemy.

AR 55 Autorifle

AR 55 Autorifle is a conventional automatic rifle that comes with a great fire rate, damage, and penetration.

AR 55 Autorifle allows you to shoot the enemy at a long, medium, and short range, making it one of the best guns to be equipped in The Cycle Frontier game. You can instantly punch the enemy after shooting them to prevent a counter-attack from their side.

Hammer Revolver

Hammer Revolver is a revolver that enables you to kill your enemy with two shots. The best thing about Hammer Revolver is that it has an option of a silencer that lets you kill your enemy without even getting noticed by them.

Hammer Revolver does not come with a scope which makes long-range shooting difficult. You can only shoot long-range when you have a perfect skill and aim for that.

KBR Longshot

KBR Longshot is similar to the hammer revolver, but it enables the user to do long-range shooting as well.

KBR Longshot comes with a good scope that helps you aim and kill people from a large distance. It performs well in mid-range fights as well, but it is not as good as the hammer revolver in close-range fights.

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The Cycle Frontier game is all about shooting enemies in a PvEvP environment. For this, you can use various weapons or guns to mow down the enemies. 

The best weapons that have been mentioned in this blog are categorized as they have got best performance ratio and great qualities.

Some of the best weapons that can be used in The Cycle Frontier game are the KBR longshot, Hammer revolver,  Kinetic arbiter DMG, Voltauc brute SMG, etc.