Core Keeper Omoroth

Core Keeper Omoroth

Core keeper is gaining popularity around the globe now. The recent release of this game has offered early access to the latest exciting theme called the sunken sea.

Various aquatic-themed components and the overall ecosystem based on undersea creatures are now accessible by the players.

Therefore, the aquatic-themed ecosystem is ready for the players looking forward to exploring this biome and enjoying. 

Out of various locations and Objects in this theme, the players are most excited to encounter the new boss of this region named “Omoroth,” who is a sea titan.

Core keeper has established an amazing aquatic-themed biome with several components, which will definitely draw your attention as well as interest. 

Who Is Omoroth In Core Keeper?

Omoroth in Core keeper is the new boss in “the sunken sea,” An aquatic theme region. He is the boss of this region and can be easily summoned by the expert lure.

You can spot the boss with the help of the Omoroth sea titan scanner in the game. Once activated, this creature plays via passive attacks such as watery tornadoes, which can cause trouble to the player.

Also, the dominating move of this creature is releasing purple tentacles at the player. However, these tentacles are easy to defeat by the player. 

Also, the dominating move of this creature is releasing purple tentacles at the player. However, these tentacles are easy to be defeated. 

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How To Find Omoroth In Core Keeper?

You can find Omoroth in Core keeper with the help of a scanner which will help you to obtain the location of Omoroth in the game.

If you are wondering where you can get a scanner, worry not. You can easily make a scanner to detect the location of the boss Omoroth with the help of some simple constituents. 

The material you will need to get your hands on a scanner includes ten mechanical parts, 15 sea shells, and ten ancient Gemstones.

You can get all these components within the sunken sea region. To get enough sea shells, you will have to roam around and scan through the sunken sea region.

Once you get enough of these sea shells, your screen will display a red marker of the boss, which will indicate the exact location of the Omoroth.

In case the red boss marker is not displayed on your screen, make sure all your items are available in sufficient quantity and exact number. 

How To Defeat Omoroth In Core Keeper?

You can defeat Omoroth in core keeper with the help of weapons and lures when in combat with the boss. But, before the combat, you will have to follow the whole procedure of summoning and catching the Omoroth in order to activate it and initiate combat.

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Initially, you will have to call or summon the Omoroth, for which you will require an extraordinary Expert lure. You can make this expert rule with the help of significant components listed as 

  • 30 Sweet bait
  • 30 Spicy bait
  • 30 Octarine bars
  • 30Glowing baits
  • Purple Bait
  • 10 Ancient Gemstones

You can easily buy the purple bait directly from the latest fisherman’s merchant.

Now you will have to move to the spawn of Omoroth. Upon reaching there, use a fishing rod and the expert Lure you just created to catch the Omoroth in a net. Once the boss is in your custody, it will be activated and will initiate combat against you.

 During the combat, you will have to finish the water tornadoes that the boss will throw at you. In addition to water tornadoes, he will wrap around purple tentacles from its outer radius to capture you and defeat you. However, since the tentacles are of only 20k HP, you can easily defeat them and move forward in defeating the boss.

Afterward, the boss will move around the boss room at various fish spots in order to distract you and defeat you.

Make sure you move along with him and try to defeat the boss with powerful weapons such as a bubble gun and scholar’s staff. You can get these weapons from a New caveling opponent. 

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Make sure you stash yourself with sufficient potions to heal yourself whenever the boss hits you. Once you are able to defeat the boss, You will get a unique armor set and various health aids.

Not only this, but you also get an exclusive ring that protects you and heals you from the damage that the boss has caused you during the combat. The armor set you will get after defeating the boss is called the Omoroth armor set. 


With the introduction of a new boss, the core keeper has attracted gamers towards the whole new region called the sunken sea.

This aquatic theme region comes with various components, out of which the boss of this region, or Omoroth, is the biggest attraction.

You can easily defeat this boss with the help of a few lures and tricks. Once the boss is defeated, you will get a set of exclusive armor, gadgets, health aid, and many other exciting things which will make defeating the boss a worthy adventure.

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