The Cycle Frontier: What To Sell, Keep & How To Sell? 

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The Cycle frontier is a first-person shooter game with thousands of people playing it almost every day. The game has been launched in 2022 and is now touching massive heights in a short period. 

What vexes the most for every new beginner is there are so many items in the game, and they can’t tell which one they should sell off in the faction market or keep with them for later use. 

In this post, we will cover the vital game items that you can sell and the items that you must keep with yourself given in a set of lists.

This article also highlights how you can sell your items in the game, which will be efficacious for people who are playing The Cycle Frontier for the first time. Let’s dive in. 

What To Sell In The Cycle Frontier?

You can sell the items present in the backpacks that you carry in the entire game. The items you can sell are Armour, Utilities, Materials, Tools, Consumables, Weapons and Attachments.

Find below items in details which you can sell The Cycle Frontier:

1. Armour

There are many types of armor, avoid selling the rare armors, and you can sell the widely available armors in the faction market. 

2. Utilities

You can easily sell off the utilities in your backpack.

3. Materials

Some materials you may not need in the game, you can sell them off. 

4. Tools

Tools may sound like an important item that you should not sell-off. However, there are some tools that you will often get in the game, the existing tools in your backpack you can sell them. 

5. Consumables

You will not need the consumable items also; therefore, you can sell the consumable items in the faction markets. 

6. Weapons

Avoid selling the weapons? Not always. Sometimes you can sell weapons that can be found almost everywhere.

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7. Attachments

Attachments can be sold for a decent value in any of the faction markets you opt for.

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What To Keep In The Cycle Frontier?

You should keep the items that are not easy to find because when an item is rare to find. It has a greater value. Some of the items that you must keep with yourself, and if you have them avoid selling them.

The items you should not sell are Compound Sheets, Old Medicines, Resin Gun, Scraps of Aluminium, Copper Wire, (Altered) Nickel, Brittle Titan, Optic Glass, Bright cap Mission and Circuit Board.

Find below items in details which you should keep in The Cycle Frontier:

1. Compound Sheets

You must keep 2 of the compound sheets with yourself, it may be easier to find them in the beginning, but later on, they become rare to find. 

2. Old Medicines

Another name for them is “old medicines” you cannot avoid keeping them away as they are used for syringes.

3. Resin Gun

They are very rare to find. If you get a resin gun, keep it with yourself. 

4. Scraps Of Aluminium

The scraps name must make you think it is not that important, and you can sell them off, well, but that’s not the case.

Not everyone can get aluminum scraps. Keep it with you whenever you find them. 

5. Copper Wire

The metal wires have a great value in this game. You have to keep with yourself a minimum of two stacks of copper wire. 

6. (Altered) Nickel

The altered nickels are used as a vital ingredient in crafting recipes. Always keep them.

7. Brittle Titan

Brittle titan is a type of ore that is needed for some eminent missions.

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8. Optic Glass

Whenever you find the optic glass, always keep them as they are very important in almost every mission in the game.

9. Bright Cap Mission

This is not a metal ore but a crucial medic that you will be needing. 

10. Circuit Board

They are not easy to find so whenever you get them, keep them with yourself. 

Furthermore, you should have three major elements in your cycle frontier game. These weapons you must always keep and not sell weapons are: 

  • Zeus Beam 
  • Komrad 
  • Alpha Crusher Heart
  • Flesh x10
  • Gyroscope x3
  • Latium Clot
  • Meteor Core 
  • Nic oil canister. 

The armors that you cannot skip are as follows:

  • Crusher Heads
  • Spinal Base 
  • Smart Mesh 
  • Interactive Interface
  • Zero Systems CPU
  • Scrap Metal
  • Water weed Filament 
  • Polymetallic prefabricate
  • Crusher hides 
  • Charged Spinal Base 
  • Rattler Skin 

The list of three backpacks that you cannot miss out on are:

  • Heavy-duty backpack 
  • Large backpack 
  • Medium backpack 

The above three backpacks require specific equipment. For instance, large backpacks need textiles of x7, altered nickels, and pale ivy blossoms.

Here’s another list of items that are very rare to find, and as we have mentioned earlier, the rarer the item, the greater their value is. The items are:- 

  • Meteor Fragment 
  • Co-Tec Multi-Tool
  • Biological sampler 
  • Strider hear 
  • Zero System CPU

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How To Sell In The Cycle Frontier?

Steps To Sell In The Cycle Frontier:

Step 1: Choose A Faction Market 

From your home screen, open the cycle frontier game and pick a market of your choice where you want to sell your items. 

There are three options, namely Osiris Market, Korolev Market, and Ica Market. You can choose any one of them. 

Step 2: Click On Quick Shop 

Once you have clicked an opened a faction market, instead of looking/clicking on a mission, you have to walk a few steps in the game and head to a room-like place and then go to the counter on the left and then tap on “quick shop.” 

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Step 3: Select Sell Items 

Next, at the top of the page, you will see two tabs one is ‘buy items,’ and the other is ‘sell items.’ Tap on the “sell items” options.

Step 4: Click/Drag The Desired Item 

After that, you will see a list of the option items. Click or drag the item to the “sell column” and then tap on the “sell” tab to successfully sell your desired items to the Frontier Market. 

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Cycle frontier is the first(person) shooter game where the players have to play a key role when it comes to buying or keeping the item that they find or have in their backpacks. 

The above set of lists has covered almost all the significant items that you can sell and the items that you should not sell. You can sell your items in Cycle frontier by following the above steps that can guide you through selling off your items in the quick shop. 

If you want to know more about the game and tips and tricks, you can join their community server. Here’s the link

In case you are having problems with selling or buying your items in Cycle frontier, you can always contact their support center at The time has been provided from 10 am to 6 pm. You can contact them.

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