The Cycle Frontier Strider Head

The Cycle Frontier Strider Head

Experience the suspense and thrill coupled with danger with the Cycle Frontier. It is designed as an individual free game as a shooter who is also an extractor.

The setup is made in a way that the player needs to find prospects for resources and other valuables located on an uninhabited foreign land that was destroyed by the catastrophic disaster, and presently is home to monsters.

The prospectors invade these foreign land in search of such resources while fighting the monsters.

What Is The Strider Head In The Cycle Frontier?

Strider’s head is a head of a dead strider which can still bite. Striders are most typically seen as you slide down in the map of the Bright Sands or the map of  Crescent Falls.

Striders are monsters who appear in packs and are extremely fast, which means they will move about much quicker than you do, causing you to waste ammunition on them.

Strider Head

These monsters are designed to ensure either you die to lack of ammunition or by the attack of other prospectors.

This means that whenever you try to hunt down any of the Strider it is bound to make a lot of noise, this notice will attract other monsters or players near you resulting in combat with them. Combating with these monsters and other prospectors increases your chances of dying.

It is often suggested that you should not tease these monsters nor should you run away from them. For you to beat them it is necessary that you take out your knives and weapons and indulge in a dual.

How To Beat The Strider Head In The Cycle Frontier?

To beat the Strider head in Cycle Frontier, you need to bring out your strap or knife and smash their block. Striders may be cut in one blow by utilizing your knife as a charged attack. Throughout this game, keeping your knife powered up is a must.

An additional advantage of knife kills with these creatures is that you are more fluid and therefore can maneuver about quicker, making striders and other monsters more likely to miss you.

The Striders are known for their speed and movement in the game. Hard to kill with the ammunition you are hardly left with much of a choice of weapon.

The strider is usually found in packs which gives them enough time and opportunity to kill the prospector. However, with easy tricks and a bit of running around, they are easy to get rid of. 

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The Strider in the Cycle Frontier is among the quickest of monsters to kill. You’ll be able to go into one of the two maps and start a raid on a regular basis.

You will face a slew of creatures and players along the way, all of whom must be avoided. Striders are obnoxious beasts that can be difficult to dispatch.

However, once you start applying this trick in your regular games you will find that it is becoming easier to kill.

You might die a few times practicing this kill however it is just the beginning, Cycle Frontier has tonnes of interesting monsters out there to explore and kill. So keep playing.