The Cycle Frontier Stash

The Cycle Frontier 3

The cycle frontier is a game that revolves around a first-person shooter as the main shooter in the video game. It was developed in 2022 by Yager development.

It is of the cross-genre PvEvP and can be played both in a single-player as well as a multi-player mode. It is said to be a spin-off of The Cycle game.

It is a free game that has got suspense and drama embedded in it. There are monsters, storms, and a mysterious environment that makes it interesting and full of suspense.

In this article, we will explain what is stash in The Cycle Frontier and how to clean Stash and Stash locations.

What Is Stash In The Cycle Frontier

Stash The Cycle Frontier is basically used for the inventory that you own in the cycle frontier game. Everything you buy or own takes up its own place in the stash.

But it has limited space for weight as each item that you own carries has an assigned weight which occupies the limited space in the stash.

How To Clean Stash In The Cycle Frontier?

To clean Stash in The Cycle Frontier, Remove what you don’t need, sell the duplicards and Use weapon attachments.

You need to clean your stash regularly as your stash space is limited, but you need to make sure that before cleaning the stash, it is upgraded to the maximum.

You’ll need Korelov chips to do so. And you can clean the stash by these methods/ steps:

1. Remove What You Don’t Need

You can keep those items in your stash that are needed, which may include keeping a stack of only those items that are rare or are needed the most.

You can remove those items which are rarely used or are used the least.

2. Sell The Duplicate Keycards

Sell all your duplicate keycards that take up a place in your stash. Don’t let these duplicate keycards occupy a huge space in your stash.

3. Use Your Weapons

Use the weapon attachments that you have got and only keep those ones that are rare and important. Use all other weapons to free up the space in your stash.

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The Cycle Frontier Stash Location

You can easily find Cycle Frontier stash in south East uplink and Science campus. The hidden stashes in the game let you gain more profit that is required to get better in the game and to be well-equipped.

Two maps are available in the cycle frontier: Crescent Falls and Bright Sands. The former is difficult to span, and the latter is what we will discuss ahead. In the Bright sands following locations are where you can find the hidden stash:

1. Around The Abandoned Mines

You can find the hidden stashes around the west of the abandoned mines near the piles of rocks. And you can find another hidden stash around the southwest of this place.

2. Around The East Collection Point

You can find the hidden stash in the south of east collection point near the vaccine labs, which you can easily get. Then, on the right of the east collection point between the hill and the small metal tower, you will find another hidden stash.

3. Between The Buildings

Between the science campus, water facility, and the southeast uphill, you can find one hidden stash behind the two boulders near the bridge. And the other one can be found in the tunnel that is between the uplink and water facility.

4. Around The Edge Of The Map

The first hidden stash can be found near the lone tree around the water facility, and the other one can be found hidden behind the largest boulder.

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The cycle frontier is a spin-off of the game “The Cycle,” as it was developed and produced in 2022.

You can find hidden stashes in the game at many locations, such as around the abandoned miles, around the edge of the map, between the buildings, etc.

The game has got two maps: crescent falls which is difficult to traverse, and a bright star in which you can find the hidden stashes around the above-mentioned locations.