ARK Fjordur: Fjordhawk, Dragon, Crops, Dinos, Crystal 

Ark Fjordur

Excited to locate amazing creatures in ARK Fjordur? Here are the interesting uses and exact locations for Fjordhawk, dragons, dinos, crops, and crystals.

With the release of the ARK’s  Fjordur expansion, players are excited to explore the newly added wild creatures and taming them for their use is what the players are loving to do.

Any game gets able to draw a large player base only due to its exciting mechanics. For ARK Fjordur, this mechanic is taming.

Let’s see the various uses of the newly introduced creatures in the game and discover with us their unique, exciting features.

In addition, we will also tell you about their locations on the map in the further sections. So, keep reading.

What Is The Use Of Fjordhawk In Ark Fjordur?

Fjordhawk is used to get back all your game items. When you die in the game, then it becomes a monotonous and tough task to acquire all your items back. Here comes the role of Fjordhawk.

Fjordhawk comes with the ability to secure your belongings after your death from your body. Players choose this creature for item retrieving because this shoulder pet doesn’t fall behind in case of your death in the game.

Fjordhawk doesn’t carry the retrieved items itself. Rather they appear close to your spawning location in a bag.

Fjordur DLC introduced several new creatures in the ARK. Fjordhawk is one such creature in the additions list, which resembles a hawk and possesses numerous amazing features. It acts as a life saver in both PvP and PvE situations.

Ark Fjordur Fjordhawk Location

The location for Fjordhawk in Ark Fjordur lies in the northwest of the expansion map. You can easily locate the nests of these huge birds in the northwestern region of the map, which is known as the Skadifjord region, as well as on the Snaerheimr mountains.

The accurate coordinate locations for Fjordhawk on the expansion map are as follows:

  • 16.5 Lat and 33.36 Lon
  • 15.0 Lat and 24.0 Lon

You can easily get to these giant flying birds by spotting them at the above-mentioned coordinates.

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What Is The Use Of Dragon In Ark Fjordur?

You can use a dragon to collect various game items in Ark Fjordur. Dragons prove to be very useful to the players when it comes to gathering materials.

These Unique creatures on the Fjordur map are highly proficient in the material collection and thus used for collecting items.

When these dragons carry stone and wood, the weight of these materials is significantly reduced by 50%.

All Dragons or Wyverns have powerful wings and strong jaws. These can fly powerfully and have the ability to breathe attack.

With the different subspecies, the breath attack of Wyverns varies significantly. For example, Zombie fire, Bone, Dodo, Alpha, and fire Wyverns can easily burn victims with their huge flame jets. In contrast, lightning ones produce a lightning beam to attack.

Ark Fjordur Dragon Location

Ragnarok and Scorched Earth are the two DLC packs where you can find Wyverns in the Ark. Wyverns are strong dragons which are found in five basic species with extraordinary features.

The nests and eggs of several normal Wyverns can be seen in the canyon walls around the World Scar, which is a huge volcanic trench in the Scorched Earth desert region.

Similarly, you can locate many dragons, including the Ice Wyvern, which couldn’t be found in the Scorched Earth, on the Ragnarok map.

What Is The Use Of Crops In Ark Fjordur?

Crops are used for making food in the Ark Fjordur game. ARK provides you with the facility for planting and harvesting different types of Crops. Players farm crops like savoroot, longrass, rockarrot, and citronal for custom food. 

Crops in the Ark Fjordur are essential for preparing several recipes of food. But growing them on your own can be tedious and time-consuming for players.

But there are certain regions on the map where you can easily find the already planted crops, and this can save your precious time.

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Ark Fjordur Crops Location

As growing crops is not easy and requires a lot of effort, players often look for areas from where they can directly harvest the already grown crops.

You can easily pick the harvest of four different types of crops in two different village regions on the map, whose location coordinates are mentioned below.

  • Lat 69.8 and Lon 03.9
  • Lat 30.8 and Lon 56.9

What Is The Use Of Dinos In Ark Fjordur?

The new Ark Fjordur expansion maps contain numerous Dinos, and each dino can serve a unique purpose when tamed.

Some of the very helpful Dinos in Ark, along with their uses, are as follows:


This dino is an excellent mount which you can take to battles due to the ability of its claws to make multiple attacks in a single strike. It can help you collect meat, thatch, wood, hide, and berries in surplus.


You can take your resources anywhere you go by transforming this dino into a flying base. You can also use it for transporting the farming animals to different locations on the Fjordur map.


It can take you underwater for pearl farming and can bring you back in a few seconds due to its amazingly fast speed in the water. This way, it can also save you from several predators which you can find in the ocean.


It can be used for gathering food for the other tamed creatures as it can yield prime meat in huge quantities.


This dino is very helpful when it comes to collecting surplus quantities of flints, crystals, and metals. 


This dino possesses the rolling ability, which makes it suitable to be used as a transport. You can also use Doedicurus for harvesting stone and obsidian.

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Ark Fjordur Dinos Location

There is not any fixed location for Dinos in the game. Since the Ark map is full of Dinos, therefore you can find them at several locations across the map.

For example, you can find Doedicurus in grasslands and mountains, Troodan and Pegomastax in the Redwoods, Yutyrannus in the snow biome, etc. 

Many dinos like Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Raptor, and Parasaur can be easily found across the entire Fjordur map.

The location coordinates for some of the dinos are as follows:

  • Titanosaur: Lat 45, Lon 66; Lat 55, Lon 76
  • Therizinosaur: Lat 18, Lon 45
  • Spinosaur: Lat 57, Lon 69
  • Magmasaur: Lat 26.6, Lon 70.6
  • Megalosaurus: Lat 63, Lon 57
  • Oviraptor: Lat 18, Lon 45
  • Pachy: Lat 18, Lon 45; Lat 35, Lon 78
  • Allosaurus: These are found over multiple locations spread across the map.

What Is Crystal In Ark Fjordur?

Crystal is one of the several resources which can be collected in Ark Fjordur. These valuable resources can be easily recognised due to their glowing white look.

You can easily find and collect crystals in the new expansion map of Ark. These are located mainly in snowy biomes, mountain peaks, and caves.

Ark Fjordur Crystal Location

You can farm numerous violet crystals from a single cave which you can locate at coordinates: Lat 56.6, Lon 84.6.

Another set of coordinates which can provide you with the harvest of purple crystals are as follows:

  • Lat 36.0, Lon 96.4
  • Lat 26.5, Lon 44.7

You can check out these coordinates for collecting crystals in abundance.

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The new expansion map of Fjordur contains several unique creatures, resources, and a lot more. To get fuller enjoyment from the game, it would be better to use a guide while playing.

We have tried to provide you with the uses and locations for many unique creatures and other resources in this guide. We hope that you will find it helpful.